Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Week In The Life: Day 7

Ahhh where to go. Home all day. Love it.

We try to go to church, but are really bad about doing so consistently. We really need to work on that, our relationship with God is super important. But, we did not make it today.

Dan was up and on his way to Wisconsin pretty early. I was still sleeping when he left.He is rarely gone on Sundays, but sometimes does have to get on the road.

I slept in a little bit and did not want to get out of bed. So, I didn't for a while.

I finally pulled myself out of bed and took a relaxing bath.

After I got dressed, I ate a muffin for breakfast (left over from the shop), and cleaned up the kitchen.

On Sundays I have a strange tradition of watching Roseanne re-runs. There is a channel that runs them most of the day. It is one of my favorite shows from growing up. It makes me laugh. : )

Since Dan was gone, I decided to so some scrapbooking videos for You Tube. I try to do this when he is on the road as his office is next door and I don't want to bother him while he is working. I did a couple videos for some scrapbooking challenges I am now doing on the channel and my facebook page.

Keaton practiced her flute today...Sunday is usually the day she does that. She sounds really good. I wish I had taken a photo, but I wanted to note that.

After lunch, the girls and I spent some time outside. It was so incredibly gorgeous today. I cuddled with Orangie on the hammock, and then Mally took my place. Keaton and I hung out on the deck for a bit...she read while I watched some scrapbooking videos. So nice and relaxing. Yes, Mally is still in her jammies. The great thing about living in the country...: )

For supper, we had corn dogs and macaroni and cheese. Apparently, still on the summer food schedule, ha ha).

After supper, spent some more time in the scrap room, watched more West Wing.

We have an earlier bedtime with school tomorrow, so it was not long after supper that the girl needed their baths and got ready for bed. Mallory read Ramona to me while I brushed her hair and then we chatted for a while. She is the best conversationalist.

I then hopped down to say goodnight to Keaton. She loves wearing her robe. She looks so cute in it.

She was watching some painting You Tube videos. She gets really excited about learning new things.

And now...I am watching Bachelor in Paradise and am typing this up. It is always weird when Dan is gone overnight...and this time he is gone until Wednesday. : ( I am looking forward to book club in the morning, I don't see my friends as often in the summer so it is always fun to get back into our regular swing of things.

And this brings an end to my "Week in the Life." It has been fun and I am looking forward to putting the album together.

So thankful for my life. Not perfect. Not always pretty. But amazing and true and mine.


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