Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Week in the Life: Day 3

Hello Wednesday!

Woke up to this beautiful sight this AM. You can always tell when fall is coming. Our sunrises and sunsets become absolutely gorgeous.

Mallory wanted a bun in her hair this morning. Usually the girls just want their hair brushed and down. But Mally had asked me last night if I'd specifically put her hair in a bun.

Keaton all ready to go and taking care of the cats. She loves hoodies. It has been chilly in the mornings all of this week so both girls had to wear layers.

The girls all ready to get on the road. Cassy was driving both ways today so I just had to get them to her corner.

I've been doing this quite a bit so far this week--taking photos of my car screen when our favorite songs come on. I think in my album, I may print out the words of the songs. I also like that I catch the temp. Brrr...Blessings by Laura Story is one of our all time faves. Both girls have it memorized and can sing it beautifully. Has had some major meaning in my life as well.

When I got home, I showered and of course, put on the slippers. Love these gold ones.

I unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up some dishes.

And since the last of the laundry was finished and folded...time to put the clothes away. I'll be honest, hate this part. Keaton's goes back into her hamper and I set it by the basement door so she can take it down and put her clothes away. Mally and I take turns putting hers away. I sort all of the clean clothes by type into piles and then put it all away. Same with me and Dan's clothes.

A quick shot of Mallory's room clean and somewhat tidy. Love her room. So girly, sparkly, happy. : )

And a laundry free, temporarily dirty-dish free kitchen. I need a clean kitchen or everything just feels off.

And some random selfies of me being happy that all the laundry is put away. : )

It is so nice outside so I decide to take Annie for a walk. She knows right away. Even before I grab the leash. She can literally tell by my shoes and when I put my earphones in.

She is a crazy dog to take on a walk. She literally takes me for the walk. She get so excited. She calms down over time, but man she loves it. I listened to a Debbie Hodge podcast while I walked and took a bunch of photos...
Annie pulling me...

Some selfies of me in front of our house...

Some of the beautiful wildflowers that I get to enjoy...(first photo is our leaves starting to change...yay!!!)

Corn. Lots of corn.

Real close to our house is a minimum maintenance road that we like to walk. It is beautiful...we have another about a mile away that is awesome too. People literally drive to this road to walk it. But this one is closer and the trek Annie and I did today. There are some ponds...and cows. I decided to turn around when we got to a group of cows near the fence that all started to get up when we got close. I did not feel like starting a stampede...

We can see our house from this road. Love this, these are the first photos I've taken of our home from this view. Need to take some with my good camera...

It was a lovely walk, and I am pretty sure Annie was ready to get home. she was thirsty!

When we got home, Annie hydrated, and I chopped up some fruit to make a fruit salad. Pineapple, peaches and grapes. I normally do pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and grapes, but switched it up this time.

Did a little more work, gotta hang with the hubby for a bit.

Then, I decided to lay down for a little while. I watched some vintage Beverly Hills 90210 and rested for a bit (yep, that is Dylan and Kelly!). : )

Left around 3:50 to get the girlies at the corner. Annie is always excited when they are home.

Snack time and then all settled in for the remainder of the evening. I have been craving cucumber salsa lately, so I made that. Mallory actually like it too.

Dan was out for the afternoon/evening, so we all kind of snacked and ate leftovers for supper.

Keaton, as usual, hung out in her room...

Mallory played outside, watched some TV, and played Anna from Frozen...

I did some scrapbooking, prepped food for the shop for the morning, drank some hot tea in front of a beautiful sunset, then got a wonderful good night hug from my girls. (Early bedtime since have to work in the morning...4:30 wake up!)

Have I mentioned lately I love my life?

I really, really do.

And Oreos.

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