Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love Those Supplies...

I have to say I love having scrappy supplies on hand for last minute projects like these. My youngest was 'Star of the Day' at school and needed to bring with her a poster full of photos. I love that part of her day was telling her story. Even at 7 years old, she has built an amazing life full of family, friends, pets and experiences. I tried to print off photos that also showed off her little personality...although it really isn't 'little'. This girl makes me laugh everyday. And adds a gray hair to my head everyday. But I wouldn't change her for the world. She is awesome. And it was fun putting together a collage of photos showing just how much.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Divided Page Protectors

I LOVE divided page protectors. Not just for Project Life (which I fail at every time...that is another post, ha ha)...but for regular scrapping. I use them all of the time. I am not a huge mini album maker, so I am always stumped when I have a group of photos that won't fit on a single or double page spread. I really didn't want to scrap the best photos, then have the accompanying photos somewhere else in a photo album. I wanted to keep them together. So, I do a layout with the favorite photos and then pair it with a divided page protector that will hold the rest.

This is one I have done recently. Here, I just used a 6x12 divided page protector because that is all I needed. I often use full 12x12 ones with different orientations of division.

This is an especially great method to use while doing vacation albums. I am awful at taking a ton of photos and printing them all. In fact, I have 5 albums right now in the works that are incorporating divided page protectors (as well as project life cards!). It is my absolutely favorite thing to do...because while I may have taken 10 really cool photos of the Library of Congress, they for sure don't need a page or story for each photo. It is a combination of the photos that tells the story. I will be doing a blog about these albums in the future, but for now, here is a video of a recent Christmas Vacation album which incorporates this method.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Sunshine

I put this layout together yesterday. Oh, how little she is in this photo! This was 7 years ago, so my baby was just 4.

I love this photo. My sister-n-law took it at a family reunion. She was watching the big kids play pool and studying intently. : ) I just love how the sun shines on her face. She is so sweet.

In putting the layout together, I paired the photo with 2 Dear Lizzy Neopolitan Project Life cards. I rounded the corners of the photo and the other layers to match the cards.

Then, I embellished with a variety of product..check out my process video below!

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Changing it Up!

I recently purchased some Bo Bunny Glitter Paste, and added it to my current kit to play with. I LOVE it. I did not do a very good job applying it to the stencil (which is why I did it off camera, lol) but I love how it dried and the texture it added to the page. I look forward to playing with this in the future with some different stencils!

It is soooo refreshing to try something new every once in a while. I rarely do mixed media on my layouts, so when I get bored I turn to it...or to some type of technique that is not in my usual process. I encourage everyone to do that every so often to keep it fresh!

Here is my YouTube Process video for this layout, with some pictures to follow. Since my phone updated, my Voice Over App stopped being able to attach my photos (is it just me or do updates usually mess up more than they fix???). Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Happy Scrapping!