Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Week In The Life: Day 4

Thursday marks a new routine for me. It is work time. I co-own a coffee/retail shop in the town that we used to live in (and where our girls go to school). We are open Thursday, friday, and Saturday (will expand hours in September for fall/winter), and even though there are 2 other owners, I generally am the one working as they have jobs. I love, love, love this shop. There is a great history behind it all, but that is another blog post.

Because we open at 7 and I have a half hour drive and prep, I have to be up by around 4:30. Snoozed a couple times this am, but got everything open in plenty of time. Before getting ready, I baked the rolls. Everything else was done the night before.

Then got ready and was on my way.

Caught this beautiful sky as I was getting into Blue Hill.

I got everything opened and ready to go. Some photos of me making a drink...pulling an espresso shot, etc.


It actually was an unusually slow day. It was steady, but I did not get my normal rush. So, while I was there from 6am-2pm, I took some selfies and other shots around the shop.

I always make myself an iced coffee while cleaning up. Just a thing. : )

After I closed up, I ran a couple the Post Office and to the bank. Then, I ate a late gas station lunch in my car. Fun times. : )

I picked the girls up from school at 3:30 and then took them both to get their hair trimmed. Mally went short, Keaton just trimmed and shaped. I love that we have this awesome business in a town this size. They do hair, nails, massages, and even have a tanning bed.

After Mally was done, she made everyone laugh by making funny faces through their door. Funny girl.

After I paid ($30 plus $10 tip) and purchased some anti lice shampoo and conditioner for $45 (so expensive, but we already have lice in our school...yuk!), we headed next door to the grocery store to get the girls a snack and be on our way home.

After we got home, I went outside where it was a gorgeous 85 degrees and laid on the hammock. I listened to a Paperclipping Roundtable. Annie joined me. : )

The rest of the evening has been here at my computer. We all chilled at home, I am about to head to bed early to get up bright and early again!

On to Friday, sweet Friday!

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