Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Week In The Life, Day 2

Today is Tuesday and goes!

Annie woke up ready to cuddle...she is such a sweetheart (although no doubt can be a pain in the rear too!)

Mallory is always fun to wake up in the morning. She does pretty well most of the time, but is always so darn cute. : ) I always lay out her clothes. Mostly because she can not reach her hanging clothes. We had an outfit picked out originally, but she said she had PE and needed to wear tennis shoes, so we opted for a less formal outfit for the day.

I gathered up some snacks for the girls backpacks and after our morning routine we were off.

I drove the girls to and from school today. I meet my friend at her corner and then we drive the remainder of the way with her daughter in tow. We drive through a town called Lawrence on the way to Blue Hill.

It was rainy again today. I dropped the girls off and then ran a couple errands in Blue Hill...dropped off some recycling, and then stopped at our old house to check it over before a showing tomorrow (fingers crossed, it has almost been on the market for a year. : ().

Showered and got ready for the day. I have this fun little nook in our bathroom where I do my hair and make up. It also has the window with the best view.

I put on some slippers (I almost always wear them when home, the wood floors can be tough on the feet). I am also adding some photos of our upstairs, which is just our master bathroom and bedroom. There is a bannister in between where you can look down on the living room area

I also took some photos of my closet and bedroom, but I will not bore you all. My husband and I have clothing in both rooms.

Here is the view going back to the main floor. It goes straight into the dining room (which is rarely actually used). Looking back up, I have this window decoration I made a few months ago. So in love with this piece...

Before I started to do housework, I made myself some grapefruit/peppermint ice water using YL Essential Oils and got the diffuser going, using the Oil Energee. I am a big oiler. Or as I call myself, a witch doctor. LOL. I also had a shake at some point in the morning.

I did some more laundry...oh the neverending laundry...

I made a to-do list. I ended up getting everything done except the call to the orthodontist. Procrastinating that for as long as I can...

A little break for a photo catching a very typical picture in my home...

I picked up Mally's room and then ate a quick lunch...frozen pizza. I often stand and eat while watching TV in the kitchen.

Headed downstairs to the office to get some more work done.

I worked until 2:30 when I then had to leave a little early to pick the kids up from school. Keaton forgot her band stuff, so I needed to get it to the school by 3. Drive number 2 into Blue Hill...(one hour round trip)

I dropped Jaelyn off with her mom at their corner and then headed back home. Mally got her homework done and Keaton cleaned up her room a bit.

I made a quick supper. We sometimes eat at the bar as we did tonight. I am pretty sure there was laundry on the kitchen table. Reality. : ) to Blue Hill for a 3rd time. I had a scheduled meeting with my 2 business partners to go over schedule and make some decisons. I fully intended to get a shot with all 3 of us, but Carisa kind of rushed out and I totally forgot. So, this photo just got 2 of us. We figured out our fall/winter hours and planned some special hours as well.

On my way home for the 3rd time, I was blessed with some beautiful light so I rolled the windows down and took some photos on our road.

When I got home, Mally got bathed and ready for bed. I She read Ramona to me while I 'wet-brushed' her hair. I love listening to her read, it seriously blesses my heart. Then, dad was called in (he got home in the afternoon, by the way) to do the famous "Enchilada". This is a nightly tradition where he wraps her up in a tortilla and pretends to dump enchilada toppings on her...and then eat her. Oh, the giggles we, love, love this so much.

And then Miss Keaton...she will find us no matter where we are at (outside, bed, etc) to give us a hug good night. Makes my heart happy.

Dan and I hung outisde and chatted and we also hung out in the office for a while as I worked on the Day 1 blog and he watched TV. I went to bed around midnight, watched some vintage Beverly Hills 90210, and then...on to day 3.

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