Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hello everyone!

I really quickly wanted to forward on this request from my best friend, Angie, who is a teacher and is looking for some scrappy donations for her school. I have pasted the details below...if you have some older supplies you are looking to part with, I hope you will consider this as an option.
Thank you and happy Saturday!

From Angie:

I work at a public high school in Denver with a science and technology focus. We are always looking for ways to bring arts and creativity to our students, and this year I get to teach a scrapbooking class. My goal is to teach a new generation about scrapbooking. In the class we'll be making scrapbook pages, mini-albums, and cards. Students will learn layout design, stamping techniques, and how to mix and match patterns and colors. Many of our students come from low-income families and cannot afford to buy supplies themselves. My school has given me a very small budget so that I can get started with scissors, a few paper trimmers, and some adhesive, but I need to collect the rest of the supplies. If you have any old paper, cardstock, stickers, letters, ink, embellishments, tools, or mini-albums that you don't use anymore and would be willing to donate, my students and I would appreciate it so much. Partially-used sticker sheets, paper pads, and embellishments are great. We'll put it all into a class supply bin and share.

Please mail donations to:
DSST Stapleton High School
Attn: Angie Turek
2000 Valentia St.
Denver, CO 80238

Thank you very much for your help! Please include a return address so that students can send you a thank you card. If you have questions, feel free to email me at

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hello Again

So I have definitely proven that I am not the best, most consistent blogger. (A year isn't THAT bad...right???) But, I am making a goal to get back into the swing of things for a couple reasons. First, I want to get back to documenting my life and hobby on a more regular basis. Second, I have some exciting things happening and will be posting about those things here.

So, bear with me as I get back into this!

First, I want to mention that one of the very exciting things that has happened for me recently is that I have become a member of the Get It Scrapped Creative Team. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this amazing team and amazing website.

One layout has been featured so far and it is about scrapbooking using rich layers. I have always loved layers and this layout was fun to make. The other ladies had some great ideas for layering as well.

Check out that blog post here.

I am also still doing You Tube videos, working on a variety of different things to include kits and heritage pages. I am kind of all over the place and have taken a bit of a break this summer, but I am looking forward to continuing these series. You can check out my page here.

In other areas of my scrappy life, I continue to meet up with my best friend every few months for scrappy weekends. I so look forward to them and even did a You Tube video to document one of those times. Also, I still scrapbooking here and there as a side business AND I finally broke down and got a cute planner. I am not overly creative with it, but I love it and hope to do a post on it here soon.

In my non-scrappy life...I continue to work at my shop The Corner Nook which I love! My kiddos start school Monday (this summer flew!) and I am in denial that I have a 7th grader and 4th grader. Where has time gone?

We are also on countdown to a fall trip to Disneyworld. I have been slightly obsessed with listening to Disney related podcasts to help prep. It works well since I spend so much time in the car.

Speaking of podcasts, I am still loving The Scrap Gals podcast. I was blessed to chat with them last October and here is a link to that if you'd like to listen.

(Me chatting with the ladies via Skype)

(It is magic how it all comes back to something scrapbooking related, huh? : ) )

So, that is a snapshot of what is happening right now. I will try to be more consistent about this blogging thing as I look forward to some fun scrappy projects and lots of fun life stuff. Until then!