Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Week In The Life: Day 6

Today is Saturday.

Today, Mallory woke up early and came and cuddled with me a bit before I had to get up and ready to go into work. Thankfully, I did not have to be in until 9. Cassy opened, so no 4:30am awakening for me today. I love how she loves Annie. Annie is loving the attention. : )

I get up and ready. Wearing the glasses today to give the eyes a break from the contacts.

On the road...

Got to work and was busy until closing at 1. We had a great day, both in coffee sales and retail sales. I love my job.

Although I did have one mishap that involved getting a frozen mocha ALL over me. I dropped a bottle of caramel sauce and it plopped right into the cup. All over. Down my shirt, in my hair, all over the counter. And I had a line. Grrr... You can see the remnants on my clothing...

After I got closed up, I hopped next door to the grocery store to get some cat food. I love that Thramers is so close, I hop over there all the time to get items for the coffee shop. So handy. It is a family owned grocery store and they are really nice people. Love to support them as much as possible.

Got home and very quickly got out of my mocha stained clothes and into some comfy clothes.

I had to take a photo of this cute bag my new contact lenses came in. It's about the little things sometimes. : )

It did not take me long to get into the hammock. : ) I try to take advantage of it when I can...before I know it we will have 6 inches of snow on the ground.

After I rested, walked in to see Mally (yes, still in her pajamas, lol) making herself a buttered tortilla. Love it.

I did some dishes then ate a late lunch (leftover pizza) while catching up on computer stuff.

I decided to do some picking up around the house. I started with the basement family room. My kids are so bad about putting movies and wii games back in their I sat down to organize that.

I added a couple shots of the room from some different angles to show how it is open to my scrapbook room. Love that I can scrap and still be hanging out with the fam.

Checked in on the girls. Keaton was doing some drawing on the computer and Mallory was painting on her tablet. She loves mermaids right now. And bows and arrows. We got the one laying next to her when we were in Wisconsin.

I headed upstairs, thinking I wanted to read. I looked for a new book, then decided I was in the scrapping mode instead. I have a nook in our living room that serves as a library/coffee area. I also store my oils in this area as well. And my most current/in progress scrapbooks.

As we come into evening, we get put into a tornado watch. Thankfully, it all puttered out before we got anything at all. Dan went outside and mowed and I started to scrapbook.

Dan made us some breakfast for dinner, which was super yummy, and then back to scrapbooking for the evening while watching West Wing on Netflix (and all time favorite show of mine).

Keaton (as usual) hung out in her room and Mally got excited about a few things...she found a cool Minecraft app, and then she found videos on Youtube on how to make magic solution to have 'Frozen' Powers. So, she made it and put it in the fridge. : ) I love this girl and her imagination. It reminds me of Keaton at this age too... (by the way, she was sad it didn't work, but she is now determined to try to make fairy dust, lol).

I promised Mally she could sleep with me, so we went up to our bedroom and we cuddled. Dan slept on the couch, which worked well since he had to get up early to get on the road.

I love Saturdays. Especially when there is no where to go. We are definitely a family that loves to chill.

On to Sunday!

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