Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Health Journey

During these last couple of months, I have been really focusing on my health. I started with signing up for Young Living Oils. Now, before I finish this post...I am not a good sales person. That is my husbands schtick. But, I really want to share my journey with Young Living and with Xyngular, a health program that I have benefited from greatly as well.

Ok...Young Living.

I first tried it just because I had heard great things about oils and their use for sickness. I was seeing them all over facebook and thought I'd try them out. After I signed up, I had success with one of my daughters using them for tummy troubles...but it wasn't until I started using them regularly that I started noticing a major change...

I lost my desire for pop. Completely. About a week after I started ingesting (via capsule) the oils I had scanned for which were basically for digestive issues, weight loss and addictions...I noticed that I no longer desired pop. I had also been drinking ice water with a drop of grapefruit oil and a drop of peppermint. I craved that. NEVER in my life have I craved water.

The oils were doing their thing. Amazing. As I started to read up and take facebook classes, I realized the benefits were countless. I now use them for cleaning, skin care, making the house smell good, for mood regulators, for sickness, and continue to use them for keeping my cravings in check.

Oh yeah, and for loss of inches on my legs. Let me explain. I had learned about this detox program (oils go after toxins in our body) via a facebook YL class a couple of friends put on. I ordered the oils and did it. I lost 2 inches off of each thigh and my skin on my legs has tightened in a major way. A good portion of my cellulite is...gone! (Not all, but a HUGE difference). Now, I have always had that yucky cellulite on my legs...even when I was a regular weight lifter. But what I learned was that fat cells hold on to toxins for decades. When the oils eat the toxins, the cellulite goes away. Here is a link to the info.

Aside from physical benefits, oils have also helped me a lot with mental/emotional issues. A lot of emotions (and addictions) live in our liver. After taking some oils specific for cleaning out the liver, I literally detoxed emotionally. Sounds weird, huh? I had a couple of days where I felt this crazy amount of emotions--anger, anxiety, frustration...(no, it wasn't that time of the month), and then done. Ever since, I have noticed I am way more level emotionally. It is hard to explain, but believe me, I feel much better. It is similar to physical detox...which I experienced early on as well. Headaches, feeling sick, etc. are a sign of detoxing. Oils did that for me very early on, however I did not know it at the time so I did not drink nearly enough water. That is the key for sure to flush them out.

I could go on and on...literally. But instead, I will put the offer out to answer any questions you may have. If you are a facebook friend, private message me. Or shoot me an email at nicmackin@hotmail.com. Or call me, 402-984-2816. I would love to answer any questions you may have!!!

If you are interested in signing up, please let me know! I can do it virtually or over the phone. As a benefit of signing up, I will give you a free (what I call) oily Bible. : ) It is a thick resource where you can get all the info you need...you can look up by oil, by problem/issue, by application. Such a great resource which has a $25 value and I will give that to you for free as a thank you gift.

Now, for my weight management...Xyngular

While Oils helped with my sugar and caffeine addiction, my experience with a health program called Xyngular has been well...awesome.

A close friend had been using the program and was having amazing results. So I went to a party, bit the bullet and purchased the 8 day Ignite Program (which has more product than for 8 days, btw).


Now, a couple things...you have to be committed to making a change. But it was not hard at all. You eat. Alot. And drink LOTS of water. And you notice a difference right away.

I lost 6 pounds in the first 2 days. I discovered I love salmon and asparagus. And that eating good fats is a must (OK!). At the end of the 8 days I had lost 10 lbs. and felt my body shift back to the way it used to be. I felt awesome, the products are so great. They are natural and do things from provide you energy to helping your body burn excess food it doesn't need. My bloat went away within a couple of days.

After the 8 day, I loosely followed the program for a couple weeks. Then went completely off the bandwagon for about a week. Although I still made better choices because I had trained myself to during those 8 days. I kept every pound off. Every one. I am now in day 1 of a new 8 day and will update on progress. I have beginner photos...I will share them when I am to my target weight.

The kicker---I have not worked out. At all. And I want to! I can not wait to see what results I will have once I start incorporating regular exercise!

Now, the thing with Xyngular is that it is kind of pricey. However, if you get 4 people signed up, your product is paid for (if you want to sign people up, you will need to do a monthly autship...you can cancel that but then will have no chance of making any money...up to you!). Getting wholesale prices is a bonus too, but if you just want to try an 8 day, you can just start with the product.

If you are interested in making this lifestyle change (and great timing right before summer!) let me know! I'd be happy to answer questions and get you started.

So...I am still in the journey. I would like to lose about 20 more lbs. And I will keep you all updated. But I wanted to share. I only share if I truly believe in the product. I know there is SO much out there these days. So, I wanted to keep it personal and tell you my story. Thanks for reading.


Friday, April 10, 2015


I wanted to do a quick post about mojo.

Mine has disappeared. Well, mostly.

And that is normal. There is an ebb and flow to our creative motivation. And when that happens, take a break.

I have found that when I take a break from scrapbooking, I will still usually be creatively motivated in another part of my life. It is part of our personalities, right? Maybe it includes cooking some new meals, updating our home decor, making crafts for my shop, etc. Even if you are not motivated creatively AT ALL...totally ok. It will come back, I promise.

Sometimes I find that I will force a layout simply because I have time to scrapbook. Now, every so often, that will get the creativity flowing...but if I am in that 'spot,' I usually end up disliking the layout and getting frustrated. Take this one for instance:

Is it horrible? No. But I forced it simply because I wanted to scrapbook Even once I got going, the ideas were not flowing. Sometimes I can take on a class or follow a sketch or scraplift and that will help a ton, but doing this layout, I had no motivation to do so.

I do feel it coming back slightly. But in the meantime, I am focusing on other things. It is still part of my daily life via internet, podcasts, etc. I know it will be back soon.

It's all good.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love Those Supplies...

I have to say I love having scrappy supplies on hand for last minute projects like these. My youngest was 'Star of the Day' at school and needed to bring with her a poster full of photos. I love that part of her day was telling her story. Even at 7 years old, she has built an amazing life full of family, friends, pets and experiences. I tried to print off photos that also showed off her little personality...although it really isn't 'little'. This girl makes me laugh everyday. And adds a gray hair to my head everyday. But I wouldn't change her for the world. She is awesome. And it was fun putting together a collage of photos showing just how much.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Divided Page Protectors

I LOVE divided page protectors. Not just for Project Life (which I fail at every time...that is another post, ha ha)...but for regular scrapping. I use them all of the time. I am not a huge mini album maker, so I am always stumped when I have a group of photos that won't fit on a single or double page spread. I really didn't want to scrap the best photos, then have the accompanying photos somewhere else in a photo album. I wanted to keep them together. So, I do a layout with the favorite photos and then pair it with a divided page protector that will hold the rest.

This is one I have done recently. Here, I just used a 6x12 divided page protector because that is all I needed. I often use full 12x12 ones with different orientations of division.

This is an especially great method to use while doing vacation albums. I am awful at taking a ton of photos and printing them all. In fact, I have 5 albums right now in the works that are incorporating divided page protectors (as well as project life cards!). It is my absolutely favorite thing to do...because while I may have taken 10 really cool photos of the Library of Congress, they for sure don't need a page or story for each photo. It is a combination of the photos that tells the story. I will be doing a blog about these albums in the future, but for now, here is a video of a recent Christmas Vacation album which incorporates this method.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Sunshine

I put this layout together yesterday. Oh, how little she is in this photo! This was 7 years ago, so my baby was just 4.

I love this photo. My sister-n-law took it at a family reunion. She was watching the big kids play pool and studying intently. : ) I just love how the sun shines on her face. She is so sweet.

In putting the layout together, I paired the photo with 2 Dear Lizzy Neopolitan Project Life cards. I rounded the corners of the photo and the other layers to match the cards.

Then, I embellished with a variety of product..check out my process video below!

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Changing it Up!

I recently purchased some Bo Bunny Glitter Paste, and added it to my current kit to play with. I LOVE it. I did not do a very good job applying it to the stencil (which is why I did it off camera, lol) but I love how it dried and the texture it added to the page. I look forward to playing with this in the future with some different stencils!

It is soooo refreshing to try something new every once in a while. I rarely do mixed media on my layouts, so when I get bored I turn to it...or to some type of technique that is not in my usual process. I encourage everyone to do that every so often to keep it fresh!

Here is my YouTube Process video for this layout, with some pictures to follow. Since my phone updated, my Voice Over App stopped being able to attach my photos (is it just me or do updates usually mess up more than they fix???). Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kit Love: Putting Together Kits

Ahhhh....kits. My favorite. I LOVE working with kits. Even when I am scrapping at home. I used to just put them together when I was going somewhere to crop. (After I figured out taking my entire room took more time to unpack than the actual scrapbooking). Then, I tried out the purchased/online kits. In the past I have subscribed to Scarlet Lime, Jenni Bowlin, Studio Calico, and possibly one other that I can not think of. I loved the concept. I loved the challenge to work just within that kit. So, as I continued to shop and add to my stash, I decided to mix the 2...my stash + kits for my regular scrapbooking. And it has seriously changed my scrappy life. I get soooo much more done. Because it limits me, it keeps me focused. I don't spend all the time on decision making and debating which product is the 'best'.

I generally have 3 different types of kits I put together. First, is what I call a 'Manufacturer's Kit.' This is the easiest to put together as it simply involves purchasing a single paper line + embellishments and putting it in a bag. When I am ready to scrapbook with it, I simply scrap with it until I am sick of it and then I divide up the leftovers.

Every so often, I buy a paper line that does not have very many embellishment options. In that case, I add in items from my stash.

Here, I am preparing a Manufacturer's kit to be scrapped with.

This kit is the "I Am" Line from Simple Stories. I LOVE this line, it is so pretty.

The first thing I do is take everything out of packages. This helps the workflow, puts everything at my fingertips.I have to admit, I really love this part. : )

Then, sometimes, I make some extra embellishments from the packaging before throwing it away...

Then, I organize my paper...if I have 2 of each sheet, I place them so I can see all sides.

If the lines includes cut apart cards, I go ahead and cut them apart. Since this is Simple Stories, a good portion of the papers are cut aparts, so it is a little more prep. But this truly helps me use the cards as they are ready to be placed on the page. I often use these for journaling cards or title cards. I also love them for layering.

Lastly, I like to add in some sort of tool to the kit. I consider a tool something that can be used over and over...stamps, punches, embossing folders, dies, etc. Doing this helps ensure that I actually use these items that are in my stash...once I get to scrapbooking, I am not good at getting up and interrupting my flow to find and use a tool. If they are part of the kit, they are close and at my fingertips, and then become part of the challenge of using that particular kit. Sometimes, the tool is from the line. Here, I did not purchase any stamps that matched the line, so I added some plus a punch from my stash. I try to look at themes in the line and that guides me when making this choice.

And then I organize it all so it stays on my desk in a fairly tidy way and I am ready to find photos and scrap away!

My 2nd type of Kit is a Kit from my stash, but is partially still a manufacturers kit. This can be a case where a particular line is really light on embellishment, or it may be a line I have already scrapped with but was not quite ready to split it up yet. This particular kit is 2 Crate Paper lines...Random and On Trend. They both go together really well (this is common with manufacturers...they generally all work together) but I was still light on embellishment options, so I also added in some items from my stash.

After assessing what types of embellishments I was good on (had quite a few flat elements-stickers, etc. and a good amount of dimension via the chipboard, flowers, buttons) I decided what embellishments I wanted to add. I wanted to add in some washi, some wood veneer elements, and a few other items. So first, washi...I simply grab a few that match colors in the line

Then, I realized I had very few 'layerable' elements-no cut apart cards, etc. So I found a My Minds Eye set that matched. Now, it does not match all of the colors, but does some of the colors and that is good enough!

I added in a transparency, some wood veneer, enamel dots, doilies, and some Dear Lizzy tickets and called it good! I know had a good mix of flat and dimensional elements that I knew I would have what I needed to be successful with this kit.

My last type of kit is a purely homemade kit from my stash. My first step in this is to find a patterned paper that has multiple colors. That then guides my color scheme...

I chose this lovely Allison Kreft camera paper. Next, I pull papers that match or complement the colors in that paper. I sift through my loose papers as well as paper pads.

Then, I look at my dimensional elements. I pull some sheets of stickers as well as some individual elements.

Then, I do the same with flat stickers. As you can see, some of these sheets are well used and always try to pull sheets that I can hope to fully use up.

Then, washi (of course!)

Then, I add in the smaller 'finishing' elements-brads, clips, enamel dots...along with a Project Life Kit of which I could pull cards for layering, journaling, etc.

And some tools...I happened to have some Allison Kreft stamps that matched the paper, so I grabbed those.

And ta-da! Kit made!

This is such a great way to 'shop your stash.'

Happy Scrapping!!!