Monday, February 16, 2009

My Scrapbook Room

This is a closet my brother custom made for me!
I painted my walls using designs from a popular scrapbook paper line. It was challenging, but fun!

It is a bit messy, but I like to have everything "out" or I forget what I have. 8 ) It is "organized clutter."

Here are some photos of my scrapbook room, thought I'd share!


I just wanted to write a quick note about some of my passions-a little of "me" stuff. I is kind of weird to talk about myself, but one thing I have learned in my favorite hobby is that I need to be documented too---imagine that, who would have thought??? 8 )

You have probably noticed that I am a bit addicted to politics-something I used to absolutely NEVER care about-until a couple of things-first, 9/11-in general just got me more interested in watching the news, watching what is going on in the world around us. Second, I have a couple friends that years back would Bush bash constantly around me-even though I didn't know a lot, I did know that I liked what he stood for and the values he held. However, I couldn't make an argument with that, so I started to pay more attention to educate myself enuf to be able to make an argument in defense of what I knew I believed in (which if you haven't noticed by now is conservatism). So, with that, and with being able to stay at home, I became addicted to the "everyday" news stuff.

So, I am using this blog to get out a lot of my venting about politics-probably not so friendly for those who want to read and just catch up with my family...but this is my "journal" of sorts and writing it out works for me. So, for those of you not interested or do not have the same view as me, I apologize!!! 8 ) I also always welcome a debate, I am more than willing to listen to opposing points of view!

My newest addiction is to Facebook-I have reconnected with soooo many friends and family members. I log on throughout the day to see what people are up to, and for a stay at home mom, that is kind of refreshing...8 ) I would recommend it for anyone, but be cautious-it is a bit addicting!!!

I also am addicted to-you guessed it...SCRAPBOOKING! Scrapbooking has been a hobby of mine since I was in grade school-but I started the "acid free" kind in high school. Then, the hobby really exploded for me about 6 years ago. Now-I am hopeless. I have my own room (I will post pics soon), TONS of supplies and products, a semi-professional camera...the whole deal. I could tell you names of Scrapbook "celebrities" (yep, they exist) and could probably tell you the name of the company who made any given product...I go to all weekend crops (crops are basically where a bunch of people-ie-women-get together to scrapbook) and hold them at my home as well. I occasionally teach a class, sell products thru a company called Memory Works ( and this summer started my own scrapbooking business called Memories~To~Cherish where I make custom scrapbooks. LOVE this hobby-it is my creative outlet, my way to document memories, and besides preservation of memories, it has also taught me new ways to capture memories, like the everyday things---the quotes the kids say that are super funny, but you still tend to forget, those kind of things...

Of course I couldn't talk about passions without mentioning chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper. Ha ha.

These are all besides the obvious passions of mine-God, my husband and my precious girls. Of course, they, along with friends and other family, top my list way above the things mentioned above. I probably could go without saying that...but still wanted to mention them!

I am very blessed-my hobbies and passions are all icing on cake compared to the great things God has blessed me with-great family, friends, a home, etc. Jut thought I'd document some of my faves right now...

Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay, this is another political rant, so brace yourself.

I was willing to give President Obama a chance, but I have to say I am extremely disappointed already:

The stimulus-I think it is absolutely horrific that the Republicans were not even given a chance to read the bill (1000+pages) after all of the changes were made! Didn't Obama promise transparency? (In fact, he repeatedly bashed Pres. Bush for being "too secretive.") Not just for Congress but also for the American People? Are you kidding me? Not even getting the chance to sit in the meetings or get a final copy before being forced to vote? And even the final bill had scratch marks, etc. written on it. Seriously? And we are giving these people control of a trillion dollars of our money and our children's money?

I have no doubt that the stimulus will create some jobs, but I still think it is wrong on so many levels. A trillion dollars-do you know how much power we just gave the government? That money needs to be in the hands of the people! And while they will argue all day there is no pork in the package, it is there, just hidden in the "congressional language." I guarantee that billions in the package will not provide jobs, but were on the agenda of the Democrats for years and they finally got a chance to sneak it thru...because really, how many of our leaders actually read the entire bill, or understood all of it? Nancy Pelosi even pretty much said it herself (that she never thought she's see the day where we could get so much accomplished...meaning she never thought she'd ever get to get some of her agenda thru). And for Reid to say that the Republicans were not being bipartisan about this? Who didn't give them the chance to read the bill?

Gittmo-it may not be the best thing, but closing it right away I think will be dangerous-where will these prisoners go? Do we send them back to their home countries where they will be let go and will be at an Al Queda camp as soon as they get out? Obama's decision to halt all judicial proceedings led to the person in charge of the bombing of the USS Kohl to have his charges dropped. And no harsh treatment, no making them uncomfortable? I am not saying we should torture, but water boarding, while I am sure it sucks, is nothing compared to what the terrorist do to us-beheading, unbelievable torture, etc. I really think we are in trouble. Obama is undoing a bunch of the things Bush put into place-things that have kept us SAFE since 9/11. I truly think the terrorist are rejoicing more and more each day.

A lot of people missed this-but in his first week, Obama resigned a deal that money we send to other countries could be used for "planned parenthood" ie abortions overseas. Both Bush's had stopped this from happening, but lo and behold, it is one of the first things on his agenda?

Hypocricy-he said he will not hire lobbyists in the white house and he did. Three of his cabinet appointments had tax problems (in that they did not pay them). They can't pay their taxes, but they sure want us to pay ours so they can spend it!

While I am frustrated, good can come out of this. Watching the Republicans make arguments against this bill made me realize that they are getting rejuvenated, which we really needed!!!They are finally passionate, finally fighting for conservative values.

So right now I am a little skeptical, I probably pay too much attention to this stuff, but I think it is really important-we are heading towards socialism and I think we need to watch out for what is happening, not just for us, but also for our kids.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yeah, so it has been quite the crazy last few days. This last weekend we woke up with an inkling that someone had been in our basement-our egress (sp?) window in the basement was slightly ajar and there were some items moved around-that would need to be moved to get inside-and a bunch of leaves, sticks etc. that had come in thru the window (which makes me realize we really need to do a better job cleaning that out!!!) Anyway, nothing had been taken, so we kind of blew it off, but then the next day as Dan was checking around the house for footprints, etc. he came across a bag of flour right up next to our house. Not only odd, but as we looked inside, there was a large rock inside that when broke apart, was brown on the just to be safe we called the authorities to check it out and just let them know about the feelings we had about someone getting in our house. (We are still awaiting the results for that).

Well, on Monday evening, Dan, my sweet sweet hubby, offered to take both girls with him to Hastings to take Keaton to ballet/tap class to give me some time to myself. So, just minutes after I started scrapbooking (of course, what else would I do with free time!), I heard noises outside that basement window-as I peered into the room (just next to the room I was in), I saw a person and that person was trying with all their might to get that window open (of course, we had locked it!). Kick in adrenaline!!! I proceeded to run really quickly upstairs, called 911 and waited for the authorities to arrive. And did they arrive-4 cars, lights a goin' and guns a packin' was quite the show, especially for a town like Blue Hill, where this kind of stuff, well...never occurs. Of course, I was shaking like a leaf, and did for the rest of the night...anyway, without giving out too much info, we are all pretty sure that we have an idea of who it was-and hopefully it will never happen again after having lots of men with guns parading around the house...if it is this person, we don't THINK that we have anything to worry about as far as future safety, but regardless, I still did not sleep last night...there is something just so incredibly violating about knowing someone was breaking into your home.
So now I am having fun listening to all the rumors-some heard that the person actually got in the house-I'm okay with that as long as the story ends with me wrestling them to the ground and holding them down with my might strength until the authorities got there...ha ha. 8 ) First and foremost, I want to mention how amazing the 911 dispatcher and all of the sherriff/state patrol officers that came were!!!
So now, I have on my shopping list to get some mace, maybe a baseball bat-if my dad were here, he'd be getting me a gun (or giving me one of his so he'd have an excuse to buy a new one 8 ), we'll see...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

News Media

I just came across these numbers and they astounded me:

FOXNEWS BECK 2,306,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 2,299,000
CNN COOPER 1,559,000CNN KING 1,420,000
CNN BLITZER 1,490,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,435,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,398,000

I have heard soo many people on the left argue that Fox News is sooo bad because they sway to the right, and while they do a tad (although not nearly as much as the others sway to the left, they are waaaay more objective), these numbers show me that the majority of Americans apparently agree with the values and reporting of Fox News. I LOVE O'Reilly, Hannity and Glenn. Shep and Greta are both great too (I am a news junkie, in case you haven't noticed). The reason I love them-they ask the tough questions, no matter who they are interviewing. They call people in power out, they show compassion...I was just watching Glenn Beck, where (again 8 ) he cried on his show (I love that he shows so much passion). He had become aware of massive killings happening on our Mexican border (all part of the drug war) and had come into contact with a father whose daughter was killed. He made a promise to the father that he would follow up on the story and do what he could-but CNN would not allow it or do anything with the story (he just moved from CNN to Fox News). He said Fox News is all over it and is doing what they can to help this father and to find out what is going on-why there are massive killings (including beheadings) being covered up...anyway, that is why I watch Fox News. O'Reilly calls out judges who let child molesters and killers off with probation, he calls out people in government who make decision harmful to Americans. While a little gruff, his causes are noble. That is why I watch Fox News. Hannity is a true American, and while very partisan, is doing what he can to get the conservative cause out (which is constantly trampled on by those on the far left).

And President Obama is not a fan of Fox News, he rips on them whenever he gets a chance-because they were the only ones that asked him tough questions-they were the only one that asked him real questions, besides "how long did you work out today?" and questions like that. Journalism is very questionable these days and I think it is important for everyone to be cautious in what they are reading and watching...