Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Week In the Life: Day 5


Today I am going to use the prompt, 'I Love' throughout the post. Hoping this will take my journaling a tad deeper...list journaling seems to help with that.

Up and at em' for work again today. Got there around 6:30 to be open by 7. This is a photo of me in the front area of the shop. Notice it is still dark outside...

I love the banners and lights hanging from the ceiling.
I love all of the sweet baby items and childrens toys that are in this front area. (The back area is mostly home decor, clothing, etc...items adults would be more interested).
I love that this space has a corner for kids to play while their mamas shop and drink coffee.
I love the green + turqouise+ gray cheveron + brick + bright colors of the retail items.

(It looks a tad cluttered because our open tent sign plus outside table and chairs are still tucked inside. Don't put them out until open time)

I love the 'main' area. The coffee shop plus retail.

I love walking in here and thinking about all of the hard work that went into this.
I love the atmostphere...the lights and mini chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The tones, the backdrop of the coffee shop we painstakingly made and installed, the lamps and the lighting.
I love that I do this business with 2 of my closest friends (not that that doesn't come with challenges...)
I love the fabric banner running around the coffee shop ceiling. I made that. And I love it. I collected a lot of those ribbons, laces and trims over a long period of time and knew I would have a perfect project for them. I did.

I love that I now love espresso...

I love that I no longer have to say things like "I'd like a mocha with less coffee taste and more chocolate taste." LOL. I'm a little more educated about this coffee thing.
I love that I get to have my coffee before I open. Gets me in the mode and the caffeine helps too.

I love that we now have the caramel apple smoothie. That means fall is coming.
I love facebook...I was able to post this on our page and I love that we can get the word out about the shop in a timely, efficient, and free way.
I love that we have non-coffee drinks for those that aren't a fan.
I love the colors and the caramel swirls. Makes me happy.

I love that my work part of the day is done and I have a few minutes to sit and relax before getting kiddos from school.
I love my iced coffee. Today, a mix of hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, & vanilla.
I love all of the light that comes in from the front windows.

I love our ceilings...

I love that while I am so very tired, I am happy. But tired. : )

Getting the kiddos from school...

I love our school. We don't even live in the district, but when we moved it was so important to us that we were able to opt them in.
I love seeing my girls emerge from the lunchroom door. I do miss them during the day.
I love hearing about their day and chatting with them on the way home.

When we got home, Keaton and Mally went out to play with and feed the cats.

I love that Keaton is at that age where I can give her chores and she doesn't need help.
I love that it is Friday and the girls have no homework.
I love that we have the sweetest mama cat and her 6 babies in the garage. I am a protective mama...I won't let them out until they get a bit bigger. We have some big birds that fly around here. : )

I love my bed. And having a TV in the room. And that Annie always likes to nap with me...

I love this dog. She is the best cuddler.

I love this hammock. It gets used a lot.

I love my book club. I especially love that I finished the book a whole 3 days before we are meeting to discuss it. It is often the night before. : )
I love that this book was made into a TV series. (Although I don't love that it is rated MA, for obvious reasons).
I love Netflix, where I watched the first few episodes. I'm liking it so far (Orange is the New Black).

I love catching the girls doing their own things...

Mallory watching TV, laying the floor playing with a pillow.
Keaton making herself a snack.

I love the 'carefree-ness' of a Friday night.

I love that we have a restaurant close to get take out from. I especially love not having to cook.

I love that my hubby took care of ordering it and picking it up while I rested and read.
I love Wit's End's pizza and ancho burger. I may have eaten a little of both. : )

I love that the rest of the night was about staying home, watching TV and just chilling. On to Saturday!

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