Friday, March 13, 2009

Change is something I love...

This is one of my recent layouts I have done-totally different from what I normally do, but I think I am addicted! I love the distressed, shabby look! I did it for a challenge my best friend and I do thru email, and now am convinced I need to use these techniques more often!
Also, in the short time since I posted those photos, I have given my room a new look already-so I will post new pics soon. See, lately I have been in a "vintage" mood-for quite a while I have had this desire to shop for antiques-I love antiques! So, I decided to limit my antique shopping to my scrapbook room. I found some cool vintage fabric, and some amazing antique storage pieces. I painted my white furniture brown and distressed them. The house is still a bit stinky as a matter of fact...8 )

I think part of the fun of scrapbooking for me is organizing all of my supplies (okay...and purchasing them, ha ha!). I am an organization guru and it seems like I am finally getting to the point to where I like how I have things organized-finally!!! When I first started, I had everything neatly tucked away and labeled, but over the years have figured out that I like to have things out so that I don't forget that I have them. So, I have changed my storage to reflect that need. There are also choices like organizing by color or type, and I have chose by type-and that works great for me! So, it has been a process, but I think I finally got it down!

I also am currently addicted to taking online scrapbooking classes. I have been taking them for quite some time from Big Picture Scrapbooking-I love trying new things, meeting challenges, etc and many of them help me use of my stash. 8 ) I also just discoverd which has more classes-I am taking an Art Journaling class, which will be a totally new thing for me! I am excited to play with gesso and paint and all of that yummy stuff!!! I also discoverd, which has digitial photography and editing classes. I am really trying to learn more about my camera and Photoshop Elements. Tired of using the "manual" or"auto" options...I love to learn new things and expand this hobby as much as I can!

So that is what I have been up to scrapbooking wise. Of course, I am also working on some projects for my business-some cute acrylic sports mini albums and some 12x12 pages for a local gal who is keeping me busy! I hope to dedicate this weekend to getting more of those projects done!