Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Truth Tuesday

"Then you will know truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32, NIV)

I love this verse about truth. God and His word ARE the truth and they do indeed set us free. Free from sin. Free from pain. Free from all of that that keeps us separated from God.

Truth is hard to come by in our world these days--on all levels. Society in general is moving farther away from the Truth. Farther away from God. Farther away from taking care of our neighbors. Farther away from personal responsibility--it is easier to make an excuse or blame someone else when we do something wrong rather than take responsibility for it. It has become acceptable to blatantly lie about others with no consequence (think internet). It has become acceptable to twist the truth to make something work out in our favor. It has become acceptable to do what we need to do to get ahead in life, at the expense of others.

This reality became really apparent with Sarah Palin. I am just finishing reading her book, Going Rogue: An American Life and I am just appalled, even more than during the election. The lies that were told about her and the way her words and actions were twisted were seriously awful. The fact that she was a conservative Christian just brought out the worst of the worst, which is really sad to me. Because if you actually looked at facts and read her words, you know that she is very qualified, very experienced, and very intelligent. And you know what-she stands up. She stands up for life. She stands up for kindness. She stands up for her family. She stands up for the weak. She stands up for personal responsbility and doing for yourself all that you can. She stands up for helping your neighbor, even if it is inconvenient. She stands up for working hard. She stands up for principle, not party. She stands up for prayer. She stands up for what this country is about, to include the fact it was founded upon Christian principles. To me, she stands up for truth. Truth that is so refreshing in the political spectrum. That is why no matter how much she is crucified by the media and the left, she is going to go far. Because Americans thirst for it. We have been lied to way too often by our leaders. And the term hope and change apparently didn't include truth, because there is lie after lie after lie coming out of this administration. (Example: today CSPAN has sent a letter to the White House requesting that all Health Care negotiations be recorded for the American people to see. Why? Because that is what the President promised in a speech last year. That everything will be transparent. No part of this process has been transparent, it has all been done behind closed doors. Just one example of the American people being lied to by their leaders).

So I say this-lets live as honestly and truthfully as we can. But lets also hold our leaders to that same standard. Lets show them that we will not vote them in if they are going to prove to be deceivers and liars. Lets show them that we will no longer put up with the corruption and the dishonesty that is politics. Our security is in their hands and the more govt grows the more our livelihood is in their hands. We must stand up. Stand up like Sarah Palin.

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