Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Website Wednesday-Favorite Websites

Here are some of my most visited websites (besides Facebook and Twitter). They make me happy. 8 )
I first became familiar with Elsie because she has some scrapbook lines. Her stuff is very funky, I love it! She is very spunky and vintage and fun and I love looking at her creations and her photos (she is very pretty).
Elizabeth has become a part of the scrapbooking industry within the last few years and I LOVE her style.
Love love love Jenni Bowlin! She has a scrapbook line as well and it is totally vintage. She has the most amazing antique stash and is amazing at creating scrapbook pages and projects using antique pieces. She is very inspiring.
Check it out and it will speak for itself...8 )
A story and opinion website from Fox. I visit a lot of political websites, but this is one I visit more often than others.
Ali is an amazing scrapbook enthusiast, she is all about telling your story in whichever way you want. Simple is good.
I take a ton of online classes thru this site. If you are interested, shoot me a message and I can recommend some great classes for you!
I visit this site almost everyday. I have a gallery on it, but I also shop and look for inspiration on this site. Amazing array of ways to play on this site! 8 )


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