Monday, January 11, 2010

Mackin Monday-Us

This is Us right now...
Mallory: Miss Mallory (or as we call her, Mally) is a very busy 2 year old who is as sweet as pie. She loves music, loves to sing and dance. She loves to be chased around the circle. She loves to play and rough house with daddy. She loves to read stories, especially Good Night Moon where she is currently obsessed with finding the mouse in each room picture. She also loves the moon. She can spot an airplane from a far distance and loves the choo choo train. She loves movies-right now Snow White is one of her favorites. She memorizes things quickly-songs, stories, dance moves...she is a joy to watch and listen to. She loves princesses and barbie (all things girl). She loves ballet. She loves to get into sissy's make-up (which is against the rules). She loves to stretch limits as far as possible. Right now, she loves to climb out of her crib-before she goes to sleep and in the middle of the night to climb in bed with me and Dan. She loves to say "I did it!" after she has gone peepee in the potty. She loves headbands, but only if they are in her hair a short time. She loves chocolate (and loves sneaking it from the candy dish when we are not looking) and really any kind of candy for that matter. She loves chocolate milk (which she says with a southern slang). She loves to wear 'dress' jammies, even during the day. She loves to dress up in princess dresses. She loves puppy dogs and kitty cats. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. So blessed to have this sweet angel in my life.

Keaton: Miss Keaton is such a big girl. She just turned 6 and is in kindergarten. She has such a sweet soul. She loves to watch out for others. She loves school and loves to learn (although can get frustrated fairly easily--that patience thing...). She loves her friends. She loves to run around and play some days and some days just wants to watch movies or play the wii. She loves to play the computer (,, She loves babies. She loves popcorn. She loves to play games (part of it is the game, part of it is the one-on-one time with mom and dad). She loves music, loves to sing. She loves dance (ballet, tap and clogging-favorite is clogging). She loves to make things, even scrapbook pages (makes mama's heart happy!). She loves staying the night with Grandma Linda. She loves to read...and is reading better every day. She loves spaghettios. Right now she is loving the movie Mulan. She loves to run and be chased and tickled by daddy. She loves to stay in hotel rooms...and pretends our living room is one sometimes. She loves recess. She has no interest or care about what clothes/shoes/hair pieces she is wearing (hence I am still picking them out). She loves to climb in with mom and dad in the middle of the night, also. She loves to have her back scratched. She has lost one tooth. She is witty, says random funny things that reminds me a lot of her dad. 8 ) She also gives great hugs and kisses and is a snugglebug. Love this girl!

Nicole: I am a stay-at-home mom/business owner (Memories~To~Cherish, custom scrapbooking, classes, crops--soon will have a store) I turned the big 3-0 this last year. I am still told that I look 20. I am okay with that. 8 ) I love my family, they truly complete me. I love my friends, I have been so incredibly blessed to having so many amazing people surround me. I love to scrapbook-it is my hobby and work. I also love to read, organize, and shop. Right now I am totally into vintage/antiques. I could spend hours in an antique store, finding things for multiple purposes-the home, the store, scrapbooking projects, storage solutions, etc. I love to travel and have been blessed to have been able to do a lot thus far in my life. I am involved in a local Book Club (was one of the 'founders') and Adult Couples Bible Study (with my hubby). A typical day for me is watching two little guys (ages 1 and 2) along with Mallory in the mornings, scrapbooking and or cleaning during the afternoon while Mally naps, getting Keaton from school, spending the evening with the fam/supper/cleaning, etc, putting the girls to bed and either catching up on TIVO or scrapbooking until bedtime. I love politics, I consider myself a self-educated political/news junkie. I am a very passionate conservative and above all a patriotic American. I love the show Castle (new season starts tomorrow!) and love to watch Roseanne and West Wing re-runs (wow, could they be any more different genres!?) and of course the occassional chick flick. I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Twitter and enjoy blogging...mostly to document my life. And most of all, I love the Lord and all that He has done. I am so very blessed, I truly love my life!

Dan: Dan is my dear husband who is an amazing father to our two girls and provider for our family. He has a fast and witty sense of humor and never ceases to amaze me. He works for a company called Flowserve, where he works from home but travels a lot. (It has taken an adjustment, but it all works out). He is very understanding and puts up with my scrapbooking obsession (allowing me to have my own scrapbook room and leave for full weekends to go to crops or to Angie's to scrapbook with her for the weekend). He loves sports-watching and playing. In the last few years, he has mostly just played golf. He plays for leisure and also at golf leagues/tournaments. He is a very hands-on dad and is very in tune to what is going on with his girls. He is truly a blessing to my life and I thank God for him everyday.

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