Monday, January 18, 2010

Loving Vintage...

For "Mackin Monday" I thought I'd highlight some fun vintage pieces I have found that I have in my scrapbook room. I am in LOVE with vintage goodies. There is nothing like discovering an amazing find and digging to find it is almost just as fun as the find itself. Enjoy!

These are storage pieces for fabric, ribbons, fibers, etc. The box is an old WWII ammo box and is one of my absolute favorite pieces.
I found this vintage suitcase to be a home to my sewing supplies.
I LOVE old scales. This is one of them...
This is another one with old skeleton keys on the top.
Some old texts, dictionaries and music books that I use for scrapbooking.
A really fun vintage camera and vintage buttons (yes, I have quite the collection).
A vintage platter that holds vintage jewelry on the top and my brads on the bottom.
An antique platter with old salt-n-pepper shakers that hold my glass glitter.
I use this old lamp to hang my jewels.
An old match holder-I use this to hold pins, LOVE it and want to collect more!
Another photo of the white scale...
Quite a few yummy goodies here-love his old chair which doubles as a shelf.
The 'M' is not old, but the two record albums that are soon-to-be scrapbooks are fun. Oh yeah, and that yellow clock is one of my favorite finds!
The aqua dish was once my Grandmothers. I found the pail in an antique store and they hold more fabric/ribbon goodies.
I found this antique music stand and it displays layouts.

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~Leslie Lemke~ said...

How cool! You are on your way with some awesome fun! Keep up the good work...if you ever want a antiquing buddy, I would love to go!