Monday, December 13, 2010

December Daily, Days 1-6

Finally! I am finally catching up on my December Daily album! With some sickness in the household and crazy schedules, it was harder than I thought to focus on it daily like I originally planned. However, I am being mindful each day of taking photos, and keeping an eye out for items to put in the album. So I will go with that...I am at least THINKING about it every day...8 )
I apologize for the poor lighting-I had less than ideal lighting conditions while taking the pics. If you want to see the base pages, you can view them here. I am making some adjustments as I go. And I don't know if I am the only one, but this album is going to be THICK. I have large rings, but I may have to adjust and make 2 separate sections and band them together? Or use ribbons for the 'rings' (which I don't care for because it is less sturdy)?? I would LOVE any ideas. I don't want to downsize because I really want to document the life stories I am putting in there. Anyway, here we go...


Day 1: For day one, I chose to document "Christmasy" events that took place in November. Even though they didn't occur in December, they are traditional things we do every year. So, it is a longer section, but very worth the space.

The first page is a transparency, on each side a photo of each of my girls helping me decorate the Christmas tree...

Then, I added in two journaling spots, adhered back to back. On the front side I journaled about decorating the tree, the back is about the following page.

Next, I documented an annual get together we have with our Adult Couple Bible Study Group. This page is a divided page protector I cut and adjusted to fit.

The last page in day one is about an annual Christmas lighting event we go to every year. Again, it happened in November, but I wanted to document it. It was the first Santa sighting, after all. 8 )

Day 2:
I caught this photo late the night before and had to include it--too darn precious.

The back of this page is a pocket full of contact sheets from the package of photos I got in the mail from Shutterfly. That is always a happy day. 8 )

Next is some 4x6 protectors-one has a photo of some other special items I received in the mail that day (with journaling on the back).

Mally had preschool this day, so I also documented the preschool's window display, which features my cute preschooler and her artwork. 8 )

Day 3:
Day 3 is solely about massive preparation for a craft show I was participating in/hosting. I put some photos plus a journaling block in a divided page protector.

Day 4:
Day 4 was about the craft show. This page is a transparency. The front is a photo of my hubby and girls who stopped by to visit me at my booth. The back of this page is a picture of me with my booth.

The next page is a contact sheet full of photos of the items I was selling...

Day 5:
December 5th was all about catch up for me. I had put in sooo much time into the craft show that I was behind on everything! Plus my husband was leaving the next day for a 5 day business trip, so it was a perfect day to put in a 'to-do' checklist.

The back is a photo of a couple of our Bible Study group babysitters playing with the girls before the rest of the crew got there (we were having a movie night at one of the couple's house). Such a great photo. I put in a journaling card after to document the details of that photo.

Day 6:
I decided to document our Christmas decorations on this day. I put them in an envelope and then enlarged a couple for the bracket page. I need to add a few more to this section, but they will most likely go in the envelope.

Thanks for looking! More to come soon!

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