Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Daily, Days 7-14

Yay-officially 'caught up!' I am loving this album, I feel like I am getting so many pieces of our life documented. Some specific to December and some not. I know I am going to cherish looking thru this album for years to come.
Day 7:
My oldest daughter's Chrismtas program was on the 7th, so this was my focus. I included the program and some photos of my daughter before and during the concert.

Day 8:
Day 8 starts with an 'everyday' photo of Mally playing the computer, one of her favorite pastimes. The back of the felt page is covered with a contact sheet of more decoration photos. This page is followed by a transparent clock, for decoration only. 8 )

Day 9:
For day 9, I documented a project I finished, which was making some homemade cards for a fundraiser. I attached a photo along with a postcard that highlighted my business.

I decorated the back of the page with some patterned paper and a simple embellishment.

Day 10:
I still have a photo to add to Day 10, am waiting to get it from my sister-in-law. The story I am focusing on is my sister and brother in law taking Keaton with their kids to buy toys and clothes for the giving tree (needy children). This has become an annual tradition.
I will put the photo next to the bracket. I have followed it with a bookmark that I used for journaling.

Day 11:
Day 11 ended up being just about journaling. We had some sickness in the house and did not do much, so I journaled about the day.

Day 12:
Here I documented another annual tradition in our family which involves a girls night out within my family. Again, I included the program.

Day 13:
For day 13, I put Keaton's letter to Santa in an envelope. That is followed by a transparency that says 'Our card' and then I added in our Christmas card (which I just got in the mail and sent out that day!).

Day 14:
I added a lot to day 14. It was the day of Mally's last day of preschool until after New Years as well as her preschool Christmas party. She also had a friend after I wanted to document all of this. I also added in a photo of a gift Mally made for me, including the actual label that was on the package AND the wrapping bag my oldest decorated (which had a handmade ornament in it). Love these pieces that document my daughter's artistic abilities at this age.

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