Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily, Days 15-25

Can you believe that Christmas is over already? It went by waaay too fast! I recently finished my December Daily album...enjoy!

Day 15:
Day 15 is a journaling card on a transparency where I journaled some random memories of each girl (regarding Christmas).

Day 16:
Day 16 is a journaling card plus a chipboard bracket page that is covered with an enlarged photo. The focus of this day was on fun winter accessories. 8 )

Day 17:
Day 17 is a transparency that I adhered double-sided patterned paper to. Following is a divided page protector in which I placed 4 photos. I drove to Colorado on this day to visit a friend for the weekend, so I took some photos on the road and included them.

Day 18 & 19:
I kind of combined these days together since I spent both days scrapbooking with a friend. I used transparency, journaling cards and divided protectors to journal about and include some pics of the weekend.

Day 20:
I drove home on day 20, so I journaled about how great it was to get home and included a photo of the state sign I drove by as I arrived back in my home state.

Day 21:
This day happened to be my 6 year old's last day of school before Christmas vacation, so I put a couple photos of her from that morning back to back on a transparency.

Day 22:
I placed the '22' on a transparency and followed that up with an enelope. Inside is a printed off email that I wanted to include in the album.

Day 23:
This is a chipboard page that I covered with patterned paper. The photos were taken during an annual road trip me and the fam take each year.

Day 24:
Day 24 starts with a numbered journaling block and is followed by a felt bracket page. The front has an enlarged family photo and the back has an envelope that has some small prints of our Christmas eve festivities.

Day 25:
Merry Christmas!!! Here I have 2 different sized chipboard pages with photos. In between is an envelope where I put in journaling spots that recorded what we all got for Christmas.

The back cover:

This book ended up HUGE, but oh how I love it so! So many great memories documented in it...I am sure I will be doing it again next year!!!

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