Tuesday, November 9, 2010

December Daily 1st-12th

I have wanted to do a December Daily album for a couple years now and am finally doing one! Yay! This album is inspired by Ali Edwards, who has highlighted hers on her blog for years (http://aliedwards.com/). The concept of the album? To document daily life from December 1st-25th as preparations are being made for the Christmas holiday. Since December is so busy, it helps to have the base of the album done beforehand. Once December comes, I will take time daily to make sure I take some photos and add them (and anything else-receipts, show tickets, pieces of our daily life) into the album.
So here are my base pages for December 1st-12th. Keep in mind that I will be adding items and making adjustments once I start adding photos in December. For instance, I may leave room for a couple photos for one particular day, but maybe that is a day we do numerous activities I want to document...I will make those adjustments accordingly.

Once the album is completed, I will add in those photos to compare the base vs completed version of the album.

I am using a Fancy Pants All Mixed Up Album for my base/size. This album is bracket shaped and includes chipboard, acrylic, and felt pages. Outside of those pages are my own creations-I will be adding in extra chipboard pages, transparencies, envelopes, etc...

Cover-The cover is acrylic. I glittered the chipboard word "Merry" embellished around it. I put a piece of double sided patterned paper behind it so you would not see the glue from the other side.

Day 1:
Here I used a 4x6 Transparency, lightly embellished on both sides. Behind it, I have cut down and added an 8x8 insert, where I can place either a large photo or compilation of smaller photos.

Day 2:
This is an 8x8 Chipboard piece covered by patterned paper. I have added a transparent clock with the number '2' in it. I will most likely add photos and/or a journaling spot to both sides of this page.

Day 3:
Day 3 is a chipboard piece, both sides covered with patterned paper. After the chipboard piece is a 4x6 insert where I will add photos.

Day 4:
This page is a transparency. I added a Jenni Bowlin Bingo Card and circled the number 4 on it.

Day 5:
Day 5 is a journaling card that is labeled "To Do"-I figured this will be a good place to document my to-do list in this busy month. To add a little texture, I have covered the back with burlap. On top, I placed a transparency where I could fit a photo or an embellishment. This is one of those days I could easily give myself a break from taking photos, but I will still be documenting life with the to-do list.
After this page is a divided insert I cut up, it has two 4x6 slots for photos (if I choose to take photos).

Day 6:
Day 6 is a see-through envelope. Here I may place photos, or something from that day like a piece of mail, a receipt,etc.

Day 7:
This page is a chipboard piece covered with patterned paper. I have added a Jenni Bowlin calendar and circled the number 7. Following is a scalloped minipage where I will add photos or journaling.

Day 8:
The first page of day 8 is a journaling block. The page after is a black felt piece I have covered with laser cut paper. The back is decorated with ribbon and an embellishment, a large photo will take up the entire area left of the ribbon. After this page, I have added in a transparent clock with a brad in the middle. Not much function there, it is for pure decoration. : )

Day 9:
Day 9 is a transparency. After the transparency I have added in a Bookmark Embellishment, which will be perfect for journaling.

Day 10:
This page is a journaling block I have embellished. It is hard to see, but after, I have another cut up divided page protector.

Day 11:
This page is a polk-a-dot transparent page. It is followed by a journaling page.

Day 12:
This page is chipboard. I covered the front in red felt and the back with patterned paper. Following is a transparency.

I am really excited to complete this album! It has been so fun to put together!

On to Days 13-25th...I will post those soon!


Churchlady said...

Nicole, This looks so great! I've always wanted to try a December Daily, but I have a hard enough staying focused on "A Day in My Life..." :O

todido said...

omg you will have an amazing album!! ty for sharing!! have a wonderful day!!

Christina Tryon said...

Wow! Your Dec Daily looks awesome!

E said...

All i can say is WOW!!!!

Jess said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anne M said...

What a great choice of album: I love the various bracket shapes and the additional pages you created. It looks stunning!