Friday, November 5, 2010

In a Crafty Mood...

For some reason, I was in a mood to make Halloween Decor this year. That mood mixed with great inspiration from led to some fun with spray paint, glitter, glue, foam and lots of Halloween goodies.

First up are two pieces I made to hang from our curtain rods in the living room. I purchased the leaves from Wal-Mart. They were green so I spray painted them black.

From there, I decorated them, hanging some items with wire and some with ribbon. Some decorations are handmade from scrapbooking paper, some items I simply put glitter on, and some items are scrapbooking embellishments that I edged in glitter and added as they were.

I also came across some really cool jewelry pieces and chains that I added and draped throughout. This was super fun to make!

Next, I came across a package of Halloween cookie cutters and decided to try something out. I spray painted them different colors, edged each side with glitter, and hung on two tiers of ribbon. This decoration went above the kitchen sink. (Sorry for the bad photos, hopefully you can see some detail).

Lastly, I purchased a decorated this piece called the Tree of Life by Advantus. (Again, inspired from More homemade decorations, more jewelry pieces...the best thing about this piece? I can pack away the Halloween decorations and add the Christmas ones. 8 )

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