Friday, November 12, 2010

December Daily, Days 13-25

I finished the December Daily excited for December to come so I can add in photos and memorabilia. Here are days 13-25!
(To see Days 1-12 first, scroll down two posts-thanks!!!)
Day 13:
Day 13 begins with a decorated envelope and is followed by a transparency. Following that is a chipboard page-I will fill the entire front with a large photo, the back is decorated with patterned paper and embellishments.

Day 14:
Day 14 has a transparency with a journaling block adhered to it. I will most likely add in photos here via page protectors (I will decided in December based on what pics I have for that day).

Day 15:
Day 15 begins with a 4x6 transparency. Again, I will add in extra pages/pieces as needed here depending on what I have for that day.

Day 16:
Day 16 includes a journaling block, a square chipboard piece, an envelope to put letters to Santa in, and a decorative snowflake.

Day 17:
Day 17 is a 4x6 transparency and a black felt bracket page. On the back is a mini file folder I can either add photos to or journal in.

Day 18:
Another transparency and square chipboard piece covered with patterned paper on the front and burlap on the back. (I like to use a variety of textures and materials, but like to use them more than once...adds to the cohesion of the album).

Day 19:
Day 19 is a transparency, a tag, and a smaller transparency.

Day 20:
Here is used a scrap of a pearly white scalloped piece of cardstock. I will most likely add more here depending on what I have (or not...).

Day 21:
Day 21 is a transparency and an acrylic bracket page. Here, I placed a patterned paper on the backside and the laser cut paper on the top. Initially, it worked great because the patterned paper was doublesided...but then I ended up covering the back with a different pattern because the colors seemed off.

Day 22:
Another transparency plus another envelope.

Day 23:
A chipboard piece covered with patterned paper...

Day 24 (Almost done!!!):
Here I just have a small transparency but am sure that I will be adding in some additional page protectors (some divided) here since it is Christmas eve.

Day 25!:
Here is a covered chipboard piece, a journaling block, followed by the last page (chipboard) of the album!

The back cover:

Thanks for looking! I will post more photos when completed! : )


Churchlady said...

I just love love LOVE your pages! They are so fabulous!! Can't wait to see them with photos in - although it's gorgeous just on its own! ;)

Churchlady said...

I just can't stop admiring your book. I LOVE that you put thread stitches in your buttons. It just never seems quite finished to me when the buttons are just stuck to the page without any thread.

Gabi said...

Your album is amazing already!! LOVE it.

Brooke said...

Your foundation is gorgeous. I can just imagine how much fun it will be filling it all in.

Andrea said...

I love all the goodies and papers included in your book! Such a great inspiration - I can't wait to get started!

Rosann said...

wow you did a beautiful job

Deana said...

Your album is gorgeous! Love all of your attention to the details! Happy Holidays!

Beth said...

wow! looks great! very beautiful!

KitCat said...

I like all the different sizes - cute!

Beke said...

Hi my name is Beke, and I have come to look at your blog. And i really like it. Id added myself as a follower and I will be a regular reader. PLease feel free to stop by my blog (its only just starting off) and keep on.

Thanks :)

Churchlady said...

Hey, Nicole. I was so excited to see your blog mentioned in Ali E's blog. Congrats!!

Maureen F. said...

beautiful album - love your different layers

Mandy said...

super fab! thanks for sharing. i am still hoping to get one started...thanks for the inspiration!

nsmerkt said...

Love all of the variety and the shapes. Gorgeous and festive!

Harvest Moon Papiere said...

Wow! I absolutely love your foundation pages. I can't wait to tee the pictures when it's all completed!!!

Terri Porter said...

This is really beautiful, Nicole! It's obvious how much work you put into it. Looking forward to watching it "grow" throughout December.

Ria said...

I love how your album turns out, dear. :)) Keep on working on it till all the photos up......

Clare D. said...

I love your album! Next year I will start earlier, so I can put in all the lovely details you have! I will be scraplifting the envelope idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I got your blog address from the Ali Edwards site, I hope you don't mind me stopping by to view your Dec Daily. I have to tell you, it's fantastic!!! You have done a wonderful job!! I look forward to seeing it come december!


Kimmy said...

Love all the elements to your DD 2010 album... gives me some ideas and inspiration. I've never "made" an album before -- this is helpful! Thanks for posting! ~ kimmy

Laci J said...

This is wonderful! I used a lot of the same pages for mine, like the black felt, chipboard, and acrylic pages. This turned out so cute! Good job!