Monday, June 8, 2009

Valuable Lesson from BAD TV show...

I just caught a few minutes of the show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" and realized something interesting...that like the settlers in Jamestown, the participants are learning one lesson: socialism does not work. A couple of them were complaining about how a couple were doing all of the work, yet they all had equal access to the fire, food, etc. Wow. Such a profound concept on what I consider a pretty bad TV show...because when this happens, chaos Jamestown it was the same way. All of the settlers shared equally the fruits of the labor--the problem was that some of them got lazy and realized "hey, why should I work hard, I still get the same amount of food no matter what I do"-thus a small portion of the settlers ended up doing all the work, yet not getting any increase in their result...sound familiar (taxes)???

This mindset is where we are heading with the "redistribution of wealth" philosophy. People who are working hard to earn what they have will be punished monetarily in order to provide for those who do not have as much. Now, I am not saying that the poor do not deserve assistance---but what if they are drug addicts or gambling addicts? Should my money be going to them with no limitation??? Is that truly helping them??? NO-what helps these people is teaching them personal responsbility. Teaching them how to work hard to earn what they want. Teaching them that taking the easy way out is not always the best way out.

President Obama, as he showed during the campaign, believes in the "share the wealth" we not learn from history??? From other countries??? Socialism fails every time, yet that is where our country is heading. This truly worries me-with all of the bailouts, ownership of car companies and enlargement of government...our country is heading in a dangerous direction.


Dana said...

Most of the poor do have addictions and some are due to the mental and spiritual issues they have due to things that have happened in their lives. Not justifying their behavior but Jesus did say to do unto the least of these as you do unto Me and generally we can't know what these people are doing with what we give. Our job is just to do unto them so to speak.

nmackin said...

Absolutely, I totally agree with you-and the American people are extremely generous-in fact the most giving in the world!However, I do not feel that our "giving" should be legislated or forced by the government. I would like to choose where I donate my money.
Look at Sotomayor-when she accepted her nomination, did she brag about the govt. assitance she received from the govt? No-she talked about how she and her family worked really hard to get her to where she is today-it is the Republican philosophy that got her to where she is today.
Government assistance is absolutly necessary (I graduated with a Social Work degree, I am very familiar with the pain and suffering out there)-but cradle to grave entitlements will hurt our country.