Monday, June 29, 2009


The word "hypocricy" has been used in the news a lot lately. While I don't know if I have it spelled right (it just doesn't look right, does it?), I want to point out a few things:

Yes-Governor Sanford is a hypocrite in preaching family values, in preaching against Clinton when he had his affair, etc by having an affair himself. But he is human. He is a sinner, like ALL of us. What cracks me up is that for the left and the media, it is better to be one of no values than to be one of values, who will inevitably fall. Sounds a little backwards right?

Well, hypocricy just doesn't apply to all of the politicians that are cheating on their spouses...remember, they are on BOTH sides of the isle. The IMPORTANT hypocricy that should be pointed out right now should be that of the Obama administration and liberal side of the aisle.

For instance...there are numerous stories right now of left wingers (in government and media) calling Conservatives "terrorists" and that the Repubs who voted against Cap & Trade committed "treason." Huh? What happened to dissent being okay? What about the democrats (30) who voted against it? All thru the Bush admin. the left fought for the right to protest (over and over and over and over) the Iraq War because dissent is "healthy" and "patriotic." So, it's not now that the Repubs are the ones dissenting? Not just on Cap and Trade, but on most of Obama's very liberal, radical policies? Hypocritical? Yup.

What about this transparency thing? Obama constantly nailed Bush for not having a transparent administration, and promised one throughout his campaign. And while it feels like he is transparent because he is on TV ALL the time...he isn't. Take for example the Stimulus bill and the Cap and Trade bill...both completed and rushed to vote without anyone getting a chance to actually READ them! The Cap and Trade bill-was 1500 pages and was not released until the afternoon before the day of the vote. Then, at 3am, a 300 page ammendment was added! Transparency? The Republicans didn't even get a chance to read the darn bill! Obama promised all legislation would be out to the American public 5 days before it was voted on, so we would have a chance to give feedback to our congressmen/women. Not happening. Remember the whole AIG thing with the bonuses? Well, that was in the Stimulus bill-that they would still get the bonuses...yet when it happens, AIG gets lambasted. No-not the Congress who didn't read and passed the bill okaying the bonuses, but the poor CEO who volunteered to work for a $1/year to get the company back on track. Ridiculous!

More hypocricy? Feminism. The feminist movement thru the years has boasted of their ability to be a voice for women. To help women climb the ladder and to fight sexual discrimination. Then came Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean. These women were lambasted by the press, by liberal bloggers, by people like David Lettermen...Where were all of the feminists out there to stick up for them? The National Organization for women? Lately, there was also a controversy over an article on Playboy's website, where one of the male writers made a "Conservative Women Hatef--- list", simulating the rape of 10 high profile Conservative women. Again, where were the feminists? Silent. If these women had been liberals, the media and the women organizations would have been up in arms. Do you know who has stuck up for the above mentioned women? Men. Yep-men. Men like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly...Interesting-aren't white men the root of all evil?

More hypocricy? Supreme was totally okay for the left to completely annhialate Conservative nominees, using race and other personal attacks to denigrate them. Yet, when the right questions Sotomayor's past comments and evidence where she uses race as a factor in her decisions, the Republicans are lambasted for bringing it up! She also said that she was outright more capable of making right decisions because of her race and her background. If a Republican nominee said this, can you imagine!!!

More hypocricy? The liberals KEEP talking about slavery and how bad our country is because of this horrible part of our past. In fact, Congress just passed another formal apology for slavery in this last session (they have time for this???). YET-while slavery was horrible, these same people fight for the right to kill babies via abortion. With slavery-a war was fought, Martin Luther King, JR. and others stood up and were able to verbalize and fight for their rights...which thru the civil rights movement, they got. These babies don't have a voice. And they are being MURDERED, not just enslaved and denied rights. They are being denied the right to LIVE. Look at the babies Dr. Tiller was killing-they were late term and could have lived outside of the womb at the time they were aborted! And this is legal! Back then slavery was legal-not right, but legal. It was the way of life then. Well, now, abortion is part of our culture and I can't believe that people don't see the hypocricy in being okay with one and not the other.

Ok-last one. The ACLU-a very liberal organization who on a very regular basis only fights for causes that helps the liberal agenda. They are up in arms about the interrogation photos, blah, blah, blah...and very much against the enhanced interrogation. However, I have yet to hear a solution?? Rather than catch the terrorists and interrogate them, should we just shoot them then (since they are caught in the middle of a war)??? Human rights? Do you have more rights when you are alive and being interrogated or when you are dead? If that is not their answer, then what should our armed forces do? Let them go? Arrest them, read them Miranda rights, then (as would happen in this situation) let them go? Let them go to help plan their next attack? In Bill O'Reilly's book, Culture Warrior, he talks about numerous cases of hypocricy where the ACLU sticks up for the rapists instead of the responsible parents, etc.--very hypocritical, like NOW, in that they only speak out for liberal causes, and leave the conservative ones in the dust.

So...enuf of Sanford...he made a mistake and it is between him and his family. Leave him alone. Want to talk hypocricy within our government? Lets talk about real issues. Real issues that affect lives of all Americans. We need to take our "Obama" blinders off. We need to pay attention to the lies we are being told on a daily basis. We need to be aware of the outstanding amount of corruption happening right now-ha! that is a whole other post (ACORN, numerous members of congress up to their necks in corruption...) We need to stand up and fight against the hypocricy that is out there!!!

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