Friday, May 22, 2009


Ok, so as I have become interested in politics these last few years, one of the words I have heard often is "tolerance." Generally a word the liberals use to describe themselves. Tolerance is what it is about-of homosexuals, of different races, etc. While it sounds all fine and dandy-I have found one thing-they aren't as tolerant as they seem. They aren't tolerent of Christianity or religion. They aren't tolerant of those who have opposing viewpoints or disagree with their world view. In fact, if their view is opposed-those that don't agree become bigots and no longer is tolerance the way to go.

This has become very clear in the media lately in the case of Miss California. She was viciously attacked because of her view on gay marriage. What happened to tolerance? Is she not entitled to her own opinion? her own view? She was very respectful, did not put down the gay and lesbian community-she just simple stated her belief-which is the same belief of President Obama and a majority of Americans. But where was the ACLU? The National Organization for Women? Oh yeah-they are liberal organizations and will only stick up for the person if they agree with their philosophies.

I have been very aware of this "culture war" for a long time-thanks to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and those that shed light on this hatred of opposing viewpoints. I have said from day one that I will not treat Obama as Bush was treated. Man, he was HATED and constantly demeaned-and then it was okay to dissent-oh, but not now!!! Now, dissent is "intolerant"-we are racist and stupid if we don't agree with Obama and his policies! And if we approved of President Bush-oh man, watch out!!!

This is on my mind because yesterday I decided to "commentate" the Obama and Cheney security speeches on twitter (which then updates my facebook status). This issue has been very appealing to me for some reason-9/11 impacted me greatly and national security is a very important issue. Anyway, at the end, one of my final posts was a thanks to Pres. Bush, VP Cheney and the Troops for keeping us safe since 9/11. And I got a response...from a liberal. And you know what-I don't mind disagreement, I don't mind opposing viewpoints...I welcome it actually because I would love to have a civil debate on the issues. But the response was hateful-about how Pres. Bush did nothing, blah blah blah...and it ended with "screw bush"-then that person updated his status to say he hated stupidity and people who choose what they want to hear versus what is actually being said, etc-obviously responding to me. This is exactly what I am talking about-tolerant unless you don't agree with their world view. All of the sudden I became stupid because I supported the Bush Adm. No way did I know what I was talking about...after all I have not only self-schooled myself on politics and all that surrounds it for the last 7 years...After I wrote a strong but respectul response, he deleted his-fine. I know that people who are that far left can't be swayed or argued with. As O'Reilly says-"walk away." But I'd like the anwer to one question-what happened to that "tolerance" word. Do I not have the right to voice my opinion on MY facebook page? On MY twitter account??? It was a simple thank you message-not even a message that is controversial!

I struggled for a long time on whether or not to tackle political issues and stories on facebook, twitter, etc. And I ultimately decided "why not?" It is something I am passionate about and why hide my views? Yes, politics can be controversial, etc. but you don't have to read the stories I post or the opinions I express...I just find it funny when those that don't agree respond with hate versus intellect.

On a funny note-this was the same person who posted that the Twilight series sucked and that I should not read them. After I read all 4 books in a week, I knew we were obviously of different minds. 8 )

So my main message is this-we are all going to disagree at some point, can't we just do it in a civil manner? Do you have to tear down those who disagree with you?

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