Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Years...

I recently did this fun mini-album for a Big Picture class and it led me to reflect on Keaton's first 5 years. It was sooo fun documenting her thru the years!!! Some of my reflections (in no particular order)
-She was a "nursing baby" in that she wanted to nurse all of the time!
-She was a good baby-very content (once we got the nursing schedule under control).
-It took us a while to get her to sleep in her own bed, but that was more our fault than hers. 8 )
-She was and is a fast learner-the abc's, numbers, actually memorizing we have moved on to writing, tying shoes, and cleaning her room. 8 )
-From day 1, she has been the sweetest thing. She randomly tells us she loves us all the time and is a snuggler too!
-She despises the car wash!!!
-She is just funny (got that from her dad)-a lot of "Keatonisms" that I have documented thru the years...all of her preschooler teachers have mentioned that she cracks them up on a daily basis. I hope her kindergarten teacher is ready for her...LOL
-She is very creative-she loves to paint, make crafts and NOW...scrapbook! Ha, Dan is loving that!!! 8 ) Right now she is into card making, she makes cards for us, her fact, they are taking over our house!
-She has 2 best friends (Ellie and India) and it is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together! Hopefully they don't get into too much trouble!!!
Just some random thoughts. She is growing up waaaay too fast, but each new "stage" brings with it a new set of joys. Love this girl!!!

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Monica said...

How precious! It's so much fun to see how they grow and what they're in to at different times. Our boys seem to have a comedy gene, too. Wonder where that came from?!