Friday, January 14, 2011

New Video Blog: Paper Addict?

Ummm...the answer is yes.
Here is my video blog spotlighting how I organize my paper and scraps. Enjoy!

If you can't see full screen, view it here.

I really, really want these to organize my themed paper birthday is coming up. They definetely beat my mis-matched,cracking paper holders I have now. 8 )

How I handle scrap paper:
In the video, I show how I store my scrap paper. How do I choose what to keep vs throw away? Well...I pretty much keep everything. The reason? I have found over the last couple of years especially, that even the smallest of scrap papers can be used. For instance-to punch shapes out of, to make paper flowers...or, as I am doing now, to make magnets out of. So--I have decided to keep it all, not knowing what upcoming craft project scraps of paper will be useful for. What I don't use over time, I will let the girls use up.

Thanks for watching!

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