Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Intimidation Factor...

I've been there.

"I have sooooooo many photos, I'll never get caught up!"
"I haven't pulled my scrapbook supplies out for a long time, I don't know where to start!"
"I am so behind, I'm having a hard time remembering the details of what I am scrapbooking" (the chronological scrapper).
"I just don't have time to scrapbook."

Let me help.

Take the pressure off-this is supposed to be fun!

Scrapbooking is about capturing memories, not being 'caught up' (as if that will EVER happen anyway! Just do the math: Number of photos we have AND take minus number of photos we scrap...)

The freshest memories in your mind are recent-scrap those now! If you wait to get to 'today' in your scrapbook, the memories will once again be lost. (Look here-these are all recent photos). If you want to scrap chronologically, start a journal to record current memories.

Don't feel like you have to scrap all of your photos. It is OK to use regular photo albums for those you don't feel inspired to scrap. Who a few years you may decide to scrap them. But scrap what you are inspired to scrap now!

In a rut? Happens to everyone! Look here to see what I do when that happens.

There are simple solutions available for getting a lot of memories scrapbooked quickly. Look here and here. (I do a mix of both--sometimes I am in the mood for simple and sometimes I am in the mood to play. The point is...I go with the flow.)

We are all busy. But even if you work with 15 minutes a day, you will get some major memory-keeping done. Upload some photos. Edit some photos. Print some photos. Organize your photos. Put together page kits. Make a list of stories you want to tell. Pull elements for a layout together and put it together a few minutes at a time.

Attend a crop. By getting away from what all 'you should be doing,' you are able to focus on getting some serious scrapping done. Look here for my Jan/Feb. schedule. Crops are also great inspiration-you get ideas from others. Of course, it is great social time as well. 8 )

Just do it. Pull out your supplies and start playing. Maybe start by making a card or a really simple layout. Get the juices flowing.

I highly recommend this resource for inspiration in regards to keeping scrapbooking fun and fresh. There are GREAT ideas for organizing your photos and not being intimidated by them.

Make 2011 the year you choose to keep scrapbooking pressure-free!

Happy Scrapping!!!

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