Monday, November 24, 2008


Mallory, or Mally as we call her often is 19 months old already! She is at a super fun stage where she is starting to repeat words and figure more things out. She is also a little monkey! She loves to climb and jump and "explore", totally unlike Keaton so this was new for me. 8 ) Here are some of her current words:

"This" she says as she points to something she wants

"Caka" This could mean a variety of things-cookie, candy or chicken

"Poop" also could mean a variety of things-poop, toot, or Pooh (as in Winnie the Pooh)

"Sissy" is Keaton

She also says puppy, kitty, bye-bye, daddy, mama, play, and some others. The list grows daily!

Right now she is also into pens/pencils/colors...I am wondering if we have a future author on our hands...8 ) If there is a pen around, she will have it in her hands!

Another funny thing about Mally-she has no patience for being hurt. If she falls down and cries, she will see me coming and she will get up right away and run for her life. I don't know what she thinks I am going to do, besides comfort her of course--but if I get to that point, she just says "Play, play, play" as though I am not going to let her play anymore.

I just love watching the personalities of the girls form-they change so fast and it is fun to watch them change and grow!

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Monica said...

I love reading about your girls! Isn't it amazing to watch their personalities grow? I am looking forward to seeing how different my girls are from their big brothers. So glad you started a blog!! Love - Mon