Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Keaton Stories

It is hard to believe that Keaton will be 5 in January-where has the time gone??? Wow. Anyway, I have a couple recent stories that I want to get documented before I forget them:

I had gotten Keaton these soft pillows that light up and change colors. Well, we finally (after 2 years???) got batteries put in them and she was so delighted! Loved them! So Dan and I were putting her to bed and playing with the pillows and the following conversation takes place:

Keaton: I love these pillows! They light up so pretty!!!

Dan: And Keaton, we love you!

Keaton: But I don't light up! (With a very serious face!).

Too cute!

Next story: a couple weeks ago we took Mallory in for her checkup, shots etc. When it came time for the shots (which we all dread!), I of course was paying attention to Mallory, holding her, soothing her and dressing her after the shots. After I was done, I look over at Miss Keaton and she is silently standing there, tears rolling down her face. Melted my heart-she proceeded to ask if Mallory was going to be okay-she was crying for her sister! So precious. We went directly to McDonalds. 8 )

Right now Keaton is in this "loving hotels" phase, so our living room is a hotel, the kitchen is the breakfast room, etc. Totally cracks me up-she literally pretends to put the card in the door, open it and close it every time she goes in the living room! About this time last year, she was in what I call the "Magic Carpet" phase-on any given day, we would have 3-8 blankets on our floors and they were magic carpets. She would have dolls and stuffed animals on them, etc. Love the imagination of this girl.

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