Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why Politics?

I am currently taking a scrapbooking class at Big Picture ( that is about documenting "me"-my family, my hobbies, etc...a little weird to do as you get used to scrapbooking your kids, etc. but great to do so that I can be documented FOR them as well. Anyway, one of the challenges is to scrapbook about my politics and while I have been thinking about how I want to approach that page, I have been thinking deeply about why I am so into politics right now and why I have chosen to be so outspoken about my beliefs:

In the last few weeks, I have noticed that I have lost about 4 Facebook friends-one I know for sure because of my political posts (blogged about that a while back-he was extremely mean too! Totally unnecessary!) and I am not sure of the others, but the assumption is pretty safe. That is all fine and dandy-I don't care now, but at first my thoughts were that maybe I should stop posting political posts, stories, etc. because I was losing those friends. But then I realized that it should not matter. And here is why:

It is my duty as an American to stand up for this country and the values that it was founded upon. My DUTY. This country has gone so far from where the founding fathers could have ever imagined and it is time to bring back the traditional values in which they believed in and implemented within the Constitution. It is my duty to point out that President Obama is implementing policy and debt that is extremely harmful to our country and future generations. The way I have chosen to do this is thru facebook/twitter/blog because TOO many people out there are uninformed and if something I write will spark the interest, it is totally worth losing FB friends. Take the last election-Obama was elected because he was a rock star, because he was cool, and was going to be the "1st black President." He was elected because the media had done such a good job at annhilating President Bush (hope and change!) and Sarah Palin (stupid conservative), and lifting up Senator Obama (like a god). The media did not question Obama on ANYTHING. I guarantee if every voter truly knew his record, his ideology, his plans for our country-he would not have been voted into office. TOO MANY ARE UNINFORMED!

However, the tide is turning. As more Americans are paying attention, his poll numbers are decreasing greatly. He is losing support and confidence because it has finally become obvious how radical left he really is. It has become obvious that he is not a miracle worker, but the opposite-he is implementing policies with the beliefs that we should spend more money to avoid bankruptcy (stimulus is failing, plus has never worked!), policies like Nationalized health care (not working in other countries, or in Massachusettes for that matter!), and Cap and Trade (also not working in other countries, or states like California within our own country!) all making things worse in this great country of ours.

So while I am not the type to run for an office, this is how I have chosen to get my opinions out-out of a sense of obligation to this great country. I am not mean about it (sometimes passionate, but not mean), I still respect President Obama and pray for him as our President, but I feel that if I can do a little to inform those who may not be so informed, then it is all good-even if I lose some friends in the process. After all, if they can't summon up the courage to have a decent debate, or even just have the ability to simply ignore the posts and look past my politics-then were they really a friend?

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Monica said...

I guess I'm naive to think that you would lose a friend over politics - crazy! But, you have been an inspiration to me in that I have definitely read more and researched more because of you. I have always been one of those "well, I can't really change anything - it'll all work out eventually" kind of people. I am thankful for people like you who care enough to get the info out there.