Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties and Media Bias

I just came across some news videos on NBC and CNN (completely lost any respect I did have for Anderson Cooper) that completely ripped on the Tea Parties happening today (that had HUGE crowds of average Americans all over the nation!). Not only were the reports completely nonfactual, but they were extremely condescending and ignorant (which is unfortunately extremely typical).
Myth #1: The mainstream media and the liberal press (pretty much the same thing) keeps saying the Tea Party protests are a conservative movement. Wrong-the protests had Republicans, Democrats, and Independents invloved and they happened all over the nation.

Myth #2: The protests are just protesting Obama, but these people didn't say anything when the Republicans were in power and increased our deficit. Wrong-the anger is toward ALL govt, both parties for being fiscally irresponsible, for the bailouts, the earmarks...the blame lies on both sides, but with the Obama admin. it just keeps getting worse. Our govt. is spending outrageously right now and our kids and grandkids are going to be paying the bill.

Myth #3: That these protests are stupid because they are trying to mimick the Boston Tea Party which was about taxing without representation (and that our taxes aren't increasing anyway). Wrong-the Boston Tea Party encouraged the initial sentiment of protesting tax-related issues, but again, the protests are about our congressmen/women not listening to the people who hired them, about fiscal irresponsibility with our tax money, with the outrageous spending that will inevitably have to increase our taxes at some point (even the taxes on the rich will not provide enuf money!), and the "secret" way Obama is increasing our taxes-maybe not thru our paychecks (now), but by increasing taxes on cigarettes, utilities, etc. Anyone who truly believes their taxes will not be going up in some form is lying to themselves. And actually-right now,in the most liberal states, taxes are increasing rapidly on homes, sales, corporate taxes, etc. Right Now. So anyone who says that taxes have not increased need to do their homework.

Myth #4: That the Republican Party and Fox News organized this. Wrong-this was grassroots all the way-Patriotic American people standing up for our core values. Standing up for our kids and grandkids who are going to get dealt a horrible hand because of the choices are representatives are making right now. Fox News covered them-and were the only ones that covered them accurately. (And for the record NBC news-hardly any of the people at the rallies were 'toothless').

I have to say I am sick and tired of being considered a "right wing extremist" or a "racist" or that I should be "shamed" for being a conservative, for not voting for and agreeing with President Obama and the progressive ideaology. It doesn't happen here (of course, I live in Nebraska of all places), but it is done on a national level-in the media, at the Oscars, on the liberal talk radio shows, on shows like the View and on and on and on...I am just someone who believes in the traditional values of our country and every day (faster with the Obama administration) we are getting further and further away from that. Our government is getting larger by the day, focus on personal resonsiblity is turning into focus on entitlements and looking to the govt. for everything...I could go on and on. But I do want to say this-there is a reason why Fox News kills in the ratings-why they have 10 of the top 10 cable news shows (yep!)-they speak the voice of the majority of Americans, and that is proven by the fact they have the highest ratings in TV and on radio. And they do sway to the right in their commentary but hard-news wise, is more objective than any other news organization.

It was obvious how liberal our mainstream media had gotten-it reared its ugly head during the campaign. But today-even more obvious. The media is no longer objective. As Sean Hannity says, Journalism has truly died. And while some people think we shouldn't care...we should because the media and Hollywood shape values of our children more than we think. I hope our representatives pay attention to the thousands of Americans that stood up today for fiscal responsbility with our tax dollars. I also hope that people think twice these days when they are watching the news. (If you want to see the video of the horrendous reporting, go to and you will find videos.)

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