Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay, this is another political rant, so brace yourself.

I was willing to give President Obama a chance, but I have to say I am extremely disappointed already:

The stimulus-I think it is absolutely horrific that the Republicans were not even given a chance to read the bill (1000+pages) after all of the changes were made! Didn't Obama promise transparency? (In fact, he repeatedly bashed Pres. Bush for being "too secretive.") Not just for Congress but also for the American People? Are you kidding me? Not even getting the chance to sit in the meetings or get a final copy before being forced to vote? And even the final bill had scratch marks, etc. written on it. Seriously? And we are giving these people control of a trillion dollars of our money and our children's money?

I have no doubt that the stimulus will create some jobs, but I still think it is wrong on so many levels. A trillion dollars-do you know how much power we just gave the government? That money needs to be in the hands of the people! And while they will argue all day there is no pork in the package, it is there, just hidden in the "congressional language." I guarantee that billions in the package will not provide jobs, but were on the agenda of the Democrats for years and they finally got a chance to sneak it thru...because really, how many of our leaders actually read the entire bill, or understood all of it? Nancy Pelosi even pretty much said it herself (that she never thought she's see the day where we could get so much accomplished...meaning she never thought she'd ever get to get some of her agenda thru). And for Reid to say that the Republicans were not being bipartisan about this? Who didn't give them the chance to read the bill?

Gittmo-it may not be the best thing, but closing it right away I think will be dangerous-where will these prisoners go? Do we send them back to their home countries where they will be let go and will be at an Al Queda camp as soon as they get out? Obama's decision to halt all judicial proceedings led to the person in charge of the bombing of the USS Kohl to have his charges dropped. And no harsh treatment, no making them uncomfortable? I am not saying we should torture, but water boarding, while I am sure it sucks, is nothing compared to what the terrorist do to us-beheading, unbelievable torture, etc. I really think we are in trouble. Obama is undoing a bunch of the things Bush put into place-things that have kept us SAFE since 9/11. I truly think the terrorist are rejoicing more and more each day.

A lot of people missed this-but in his first week, Obama resigned a deal that money we send to other countries could be used for "planned parenthood" ie abortions overseas. Both Bush's had stopped this from happening, but lo and behold, it is one of the first things on his agenda?

Hypocricy-he said he will not hire lobbyists in the white house and he did. Three of his cabinet appointments had tax problems (in that they did not pay them). They can't pay their taxes, but they sure want us to pay ours so they can spend it!

While I am frustrated, good can come out of this. Watching the Republicans make arguments against this bill made me realize that they are getting rejuvenated, which we really needed!!!They are finally passionate, finally fighting for conservative values.

So right now I am a little skeptical, I probably pay too much attention to this stuff, but I think it is really important-we are heading towards socialism and I think we need to watch out for what is happening, not just for us, but also for our kids.

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