Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yeah, so it has been quite the crazy last few days. This last weekend we woke up with an inkling that someone had been in our basement-our egress (sp?) window in the basement was slightly ajar and there were some items moved around-that would need to be moved to get inside-and a bunch of leaves, sticks etc. that had come in thru the window (which makes me realize we really need to do a better job cleaning that out!!!) Anyway, nothing had been taken, so we kind of blew it off, but then the next day as Dan was checking around the house for footprints, etc. he came across a bag of flour right up next to our house. Not only odd, but as we looked inside, there was a large rock inside that when broke apart, was brown on the just to be safe we called the authorities to check it out and just let them know about the feelings we had about someone getting in our house. (We are still awaiting the results for that).

Well, on Monday evening, Dan, my sweet sweet hubby, offered to take both girls with him to Hastings to take Keaton to ballet/tap class to give me some time to myself. So, just minutes after I started scrapbooking (of course, what else would I do with free time!), I heard noises outside that basement window-as I peered into the room (just next to the room I was in), I saw a person and that person was trying with all their might to get that window open (of course, we had locked it!). Kick in adrenaline!!! I proceeded to run really quickly upstairs, called 911 and waited for the authorities to arrive. And did they arrive-4 cars, lights a goin' and guns a packin' was quite the show, especially for a town like Blue Hill, where this kind of stuff, well...never occurs. Of course, I was shaking like a leaf, and did for the rest of the night...anyway, without giving out too much info, we are all pretty sure that we have an idea of who it was-and hopefully it will never happen again after having lots of men with guns parading around the house...if it is this person, we don't THINK that we have anything to worry about as far as future safety, but regardless, I still did not sleep last night...there is something just so incredibly violating about knowing someone was breaking into your home.
So now I am having fun listening to all the rumors-some heard that the person actually got in the house-I'm okay with that as long as the story ends with me wrestling them to the ground and holding them down with my might strength until the authorities got there...ha ha. 8 ) First and foremost, I want to mention how amazing the 911 dispatcher and all of the sherriff/state patrol officers that came were!!!
So now, I have on my shopping list to get some mace, maybe a baseball bat-if my dad were here, he'd be getting me a gun (or giving me one of his so he'd have an excuse to buy a new one 8 ), we'll see...

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Monica said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so glad to hear that you are okay. I was scared just reading!! Hope you for sure don't have any more trouble.

Give your fam my love!!