Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The View

Okay, so I know that I shouldn't even watch the show The View. But for some reason, I can not help myself. (I told you there might be some political stuff in here...8 ) Some mornings I have to keep myself from throwing something at the TV, I get so frustrated with the ignorance and liberal leaning tone of the conversations. It drives me crazy that they claim to represent both sides-Elizabeth is by herself as the only conservative-Whoopi, Sherrie, Barbara, and Joy are all obviously on the left. And while I shouldn't care, I know that some people to get their news and information from this show, and that is why I get so frustrated.

The reason I am writing about this show is because this morning Whoopi and Joy said some outrageous things-that there is no such thing as a Victory in Iraq and that we messed up more things there than we helped. Are you kidding??? Yes, mistakes were made, our intelligence was initially "wrong" (I put that in quotes, because essentially, they weren't wrong-the UN just gave Sadaam enuf time to get rid of the WMD's during the 17 resolutions he ignored over many years...not to mention our intelligence community was weakened greatly under Clinton's administration, but these are different topics...). Anyway-yes, mistakes have been made-but to say we are only fixing problems we created-what??? Under Sadaam, people did not have freedom of speech, women had no freedoms, people were tortured and executed for speaking out and for disobeying Sadaams laws...NOW-stores and shops are open and thriving, schools are educating children AND women, millions of people have been liberated-people aren't being killed in mass killings, violence is down greatly...I think victory is imminent! Iraq is the closest its been to being a democratic nation. Yes, we will probably have to keep a presence there to help with peace keeping (just like in Germany, Bosnia, etc), but is that not worth a free nation in the Middle East? And to say that US has done more harm than good-yes, we have lost blood and treasure, but for a noble cause-to free millions of people. If Joy lived in Iraq and talked about Sadaam like she talks about Bush, she would have been tortured and executed. It kills me that people can't see that and see the great things we have done there! (Of course, I can kind of understand, because the media chooses not to report the good things, just the numbers of soldiers killed).

A lot of this goes back to the Bush bashing that occurs all of the time on this show, esp. from Joy. For once, I would like someone to question her on exactly what is so bad about him. He is not perfect, no president has been-but she has NOOO idea what decisions he has to make on a daily basis. She has no idea, and chooses not to be educated on both sides of issues. (Not to mention, he has kept us safe since 9/11). She hates Bush and that is that. Whoopi said something a couple weeks ago that just cracked me up-that the terrorists have gotten "crazier" since Bush has been in office. Seriously? Does she need to be reminded that 9/11 was being planned during the Clinton administration?

I am just so sick and tired of the unfairness-get rid of Sherri and get another strong conservative on the show-make it fair. Right now it is more like Bill Maher's show-he is famous for stacking 2-3 liberals plus himself against one conservative. Then when the conservative makes a good point, he cracks a joke belittling him/her and goes to commercial. Besides these shows, TV news programs (cable and network) and many of the big newspapers and magazines are left leaning. (yet if you mention to liberals the unfairness in the press, they mention Fox News 8 ). I tell you this-Fox does lean to the right-although still more balanced than any of the other shows and independent studies have shown that-but thank goodness!!! We don't have a voice anywhere else... So, it is not hard to see why so many people are embracing the liberal, progressive agenda and to be honest, it scares me.

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