Friday, April 10, 2015


I wanted to do a quick post about mojo.

Mine has disappeared. Well, mostly.

And that is normal. There is an ebb and flow to our creative motivation. And when that happens, take a break.

I have found that when I take a break from scrapbooking, I will still usually be creatively motivated in another part of my life. It is part of our personalities, right? Maybe it includes cooking some new meals, updating our home decor, making crafts for my shop, etc. Even if you are not motivated creatively AT ALL...totally ok. It will come back, I promise.

Sometimes I find that I will force a layout simply because I have time to scrapbook. Now, every so often, that will get the creativity flowing...but if I am in that 'spot,' I usually end up disliking the layout and getting frustrated. Take this one for instance:

Is it horrible? No. But I forced it simply because I wanted to scrapbook Even once I got going, the ideas were not flowing. Sometimes I can take on a class or follow a sketch or scraplift and that will help a ton, but doing this layout, I had no motivation to do so.

I do feel it coming back slightly. But in the meantime, I am focusing on other things. It is still part of my daily life via internet, podcasts, etc. I know it will be back soon.

It's all good.

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