Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Divided Page Protectors

I LOVE divided page protectors. Not just for Project Life (which I fail at every time...that is another post, ha ha)...but for regular scrapping. I use them all of the time. I am not a huge mini album maker, so I am always stumped when I have a group of photos that won't fit on a single or double page spread. I really didn't want to scrap the best photos, then have the accompanying photos somewhere else in a photo album. I wanted to keep them together. So, I do a layout with the favorite photos and then pair it with a divided page protector that will hold the rest.

This is one I have done recently. Here, I just used a 6x12 divided page protector because that is all I needed. I often use full 12x12 ones with different orientations of division.

This is an especially great method to use while doing vacation albums. I am awful at taking a ton of photos and printing them all. In fact, I have 5 albums right now in the works that are incorporating divided page protectors (as well as project life cards!). It is my absolutely favorite thing to do...because while I may have taken 10 really cool photos of the Library of Congress, they for sure don't need a page or story for each photo. It is a combination of the photos that tells the story. I will be doing a blog about these albums in the future, but for now, here is a video of a recent Christmas Vacation album which incorporates this method.

Happy Scrapping!

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