Thursday, June 23, 2011

sorry it's been a while...

so my first intentions were to upload videos to youtube on a regular basis...starting out with organization of my scrapbook room, followed by technique videos. I got 4 uploaded...and then took a little hiatus. oops. has been crazy with transitioning my downtown scrapbook studio to a craft consignment store...and my mom finding out she has Stage 4 terminal i am sure you understand. (ready for life to get back to normal for sure...)

here is my is about how i organize my letters. man, this has been a struggle for me for some reason. they have been in vertical folders, notebooks, hanging by color...but finally i have found a system(s) that works! i noticed a few things about myself when watching the video (reminder...i am not about doing multiple they are very imperfect):

i say 'um' alot
i really need to thoroughly clean my room (and get the ceiling tiles put back up...yikes, sorry about that!)
i talk with my hands...alot!

so with that said...enjoy! 8 )

(If you can't see the whole screen, click here.)

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Sue Althouse, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I love to organize, too, and have often had to expand space for my Thickers! You can't have too many! Found your blog through the Mother LOAD class at BPC. Thanks for sharing the link!