Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sorry---it's been a while.

Ok, so it has been a LONG time since I have posted...sorry! It has been busy. Plus, my laptop broke (which is the one I usually blog on since I can do it upstairs while watching the kiddos). It is in the process of getting fixed, thank goodness! Anyway, here is what we have been up to since February:

Visited Angie and Rich in Colorado for another scrapbook weekend (last time in their apartment as they bought a house-yay!).

Finished renovating the building, had an Open House and have held some crops this summer in the new 'studio'.

Keaton finished her kindergarten year, did awesome at her dance recital (featuring ballet, tap, and clogging). She is now taking a cooking class and doing swimming lessons and overall enjoying what summer has to offer.

Mallory turned 3. This summer she moved into her own big girl room (more on that later). She is signed up for preschool this fall!

I said goodbye to my "boys" Remmington and Owen, who I watched in the mornings during the school year. 8 (

Enjoyed a visit from Katie and Family during Easter, John and Family during the 4th, and this weekend will be enjoying a visit from Shea and Family. 8 )

I got to meet Sarah Palin and get a photo taken with her in May. I did this at an event called Preserving American Liberty in Kansas City, where I got to see JC Watts, Fred and Jeri Thompson, Sarah Palin and others speak. Awesome!!!

Held a huge garage sale, getting rid of lots of baby stuff (yep, think we are done). It was quite successful. 8 )

Repainted the upstairs bathroom. Repainted the guest room to make it into Mallory's new room. Repainted the nursery to be a new playroom. Moved playroom upstairs. Repainted old playroom and moved my scraproom into it. Repainted my old scraproom and moved Dan's office into it. Repainted main floor bathroom. Done painting for a long while. 8 )

That is all I can think of has been such a great and busy summer! Next weekend, we are heading to Colorado to go to Dan's 20 year reunion and for Dan to play in the annual Two Angels Fundraising Golf Tournament. I will check in again soon and add some pics!

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