Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween was a blast this year! Each year we do something a little different...sometimes we bake and decorate cookies, sometimes we paint pumkins...this year we did the traditional carving of the pumkins. Keaton did a great job drawing the faces (and other marvelous works of art) and while apprehensive at first about cleaning the "goo" out of the pumkins, came to enjoy that as well. Mallory wouldn't touch the insides, but had fun observing the process. Of course, Dan can always make these occassions fun...he is the best dad. 8 ) Look at the faces on those girls...true joy.

On Halloween itself, we first went to the Hastings Downtown Trick-or-Treating event and while a bit chaotic, it was fun. After supper we went trick-or-treating in Blue Hill (which was nice we got to see both grandparents since my mom went with us in Hastings). We met up with some friends and trick-or-treated all over town. The weather was beautiful...just an overall super fun day. And it didn't help AT ALL that the girls were adorable in their costumes. 8 ) Both girls LOVE Wizard of Oz so Keaton was Dorothy and Mallory was a munchkin. They both played their parts well. 8 )

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