Monday, September 5, 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Layout


I am really enjoying my time with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge folks this month. As a guest designer I was invited to share a layout that I made with my kit. The challenge was to scraplift a Shimelle sketch. Since I have loved Shimelle for a LONG time I was so excited about this.

I scraplifted Sketch #32.

And here is my kit that I am working with (details in my last blog post):

This layout, while it could be simply about my daughter's staging rehearsal, is about the life lessons my girls have learned through dance. While watching her rehearsal, I realized how many lessons she had been taught outside of the physical movement of dance. She learned how to listen and take instruction. How to work as a team with other dancers in her class. How to memorize and take what she learned and actually apply it. So many amazing life lessons in this thing called dance...

I used the Pink Paislee Memorandum paper for the background and then a variety of cards and papers from the kit. I used some of the gold rubons, some of the floral washi, a clip bow and the cork hearts (felt like they spoke theater stage) to embellish. I loved using up a couple of those OLD Luxe Designs label stickers-those have been in my stash for forever. I used the Minc card (I don't own the Minc machine but often buy the products to use as they are) as my title, I couldn't think of a better one myself for the concept of the page.

Thanks you so much for checking out my page. I will post more projects that I complete with this kit so stay tuned!

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

I am honored to be a Guest Designer for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog this month! As many of you know, I LOVE working with kits. Especially kits made from my own stash, so this entire concept in my opinion is genius. : )

Here is the inspiration kit for September. It is soooo pretty.

Here is the link to see more details.

I tried to stay with the general color scheme, but definetely added in more gold. Here is my kit!

Following are the products I put into my kit:

Patterned Paper:

Pink Paislee Memorandum-Punch Cardx2
Pink Paislee Memorandum-Snapshots
Pink Paislee Memorandum-Memo
Pink Paislee Memorandum-Ledger
Pink Paislee Memorandum-Cubicle
MME Jubilee-Mint Julep Ridex2
MME Jubilee-Mine Julep Beautiful
MME Jubilee-Mine Julep Journeyx2
MME On Trend-Awesome
MME On Trend-Sweet
Teresa Collins You Are My Happy-Hearts
Teresa Collins Daily Stories-Butterflies
Teresa Collins Daily Stories-Quotes
Jen Hadfield-Home+Made x2
Specialty: Jen Hadfield Home+Made (Pink Ombre & Gold Wood)

Photo Frames-Pink Paislee Memorandum
Stickers-Pink Paislee Memorandum
Printed Chipboard-Jen Hadfield Home+Made
Minc Cards-Jen Hadfield Home+Made
Chipboard Alphas-Pink Paislee C'est La Vie
Cork Hearts-Pink Paislee C'est La Vie
Bow Clips-American Crafts
Transparent Frames-MME Jubilee
Rubons-MME Jubilee
Label Stickers-Luxe Designs
Gold Washi-Little B
Blue Washi-Scotch
Pink Washi-Unknown
Gold Doilies-American Crafts Maggie Holmes
White Doilies-Unknown

The next on the blog hop is Leslie. Be sure to check out her kit!

Stay tuned to see the projects I make with this kit and be sure to go to the blog to check everything out and/or participate!

Happy Scrapping! : )

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hello everyone!

I really quickly wanted to forward on this request from my best friend, Angie, who is a teacher and is looking for some scrappy donations for her school. I have pasted the details below...if you have some older supplies you are looking to part with, I hope you will consider this as an option.
Thank you and happy Saturday!

From Angie:

I work at a public high school in Denver with a science and technology focus. We are always looking for ways to bring arts and creativity to our students, and this year I get to teach a scrapbooking class. My goal is to teach a new generation about scrapbooking. In the class we'll be making scrapbook pages, mini-albums, and cards. Students will learn layout design, stamping techniques, and how to mix and match patterns and colors. Many of our students come from low-income families and cannot afford to buy supplies themselves. My school has given me a very small budget so that I can get started with scissors, a few paper trimmers, and some adhesive, but I need to collect the rest of the supplies. If you have any old paper, cardstock, stickers, letters, ink, embellishments, tools, or mini-albums that you don't use anymore and would be willing to donate, my students and I would appreciate it so much. Partially-used sticker sheets, paper pads, and embellishments are great. We'll put it all into a class supply bin and share.

Please mail donations to:
DSST Stapleton High School
Attn: Angie Turek
2000 Valentia St.
Denver, CO 80238

Thank you very much for your help! Please include a return address so that students can send you a thank you card. If you have questions, feel free to email me at

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hello Again

So I have definitely proven that I am not the best, most consistent blogger. (A year isn't THAT bad...right???) But, I am making a goal to get back into the swing of things for a couple reasons. First, I want to get back to documenting my life and hobby on a more regular basis. Second, I have some exciting things happening and will be posting about those things here.

So, bear with me as I get back into this!

First, I want to mention that one of the very exciting things that has happened for me recently is that I have become a member of the Get It Scrapped Creative Team. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this amazing team and amazing website.

One layout has been featured so far and it is about scrapbooking using rich layers. I have always loved layers and this layout was fun to make. The other ladies had some great ideas for layering as well.

Check out that blog post here.

I am also still doing You Tube videos, working on a variety of different things to include kits and heritage pages. I am kind of all over the place and have taken a bit of a break this summer, but I am looking forward to continuing these series. You can check out my page here.

In other areas of my scrappy life, I continue to meet up with my best friend every few months for scrappy weekends. I so look forward to them and even did a You Tube video to document one of those times. Also, I still scrapbooking here and there as a side business AND I finally broke down and got a cute planner. I am not overly creative with it, but I love it and hope to do a post on it here soon.

In my non-scrappy life...I continue to work at my shop The Corner Nook which I love! My kiddos start school Monday (this summer flew!) and I am in denial that I have a 7th grader and 4th grader. Where has time gone?

We are also on countdown to a fall trip to Disneyworld. I have been slightly obsessed with listening to Disney related podcasts to help prep. It works well since I spend so much time in the car.

Speaking of podcasts, I am still loving The Scrap Gals podcast. I was blessed to chat with them last October and here is a link to that if you'd like to listen.

(Me chatting with the ladies via Skype)

(It is magic how it all comes back to something scrapbooking related, huh? : ) )

So, that is a snapshot of what is happening right now. I will try to be more consistent about this blogging thing as I look forward to some fun scrappy projects and lots of fun life stuff. Until then!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Week In The Life: Day 7

Ahhh where to go. Home all day. Love it.

We try to go to church, but are really bad about doing so consistently. We really need to work on that, our relationship with God is super important. But, we did not make it today.

Dan was up and on his way to Wisconsin pretty early. I was still sleeping when he left.He is rarely gone on Sundays, but sometimes does have to get on the road.

I slept in a little bit and did not want to get out of bed. So, I didn't for a while.

I finally pulled myself out of bed and took a relaxing bath.

After I got dressed, I ate a muffin for breakfast (left over from the shop), and cleaned up the kitchen.

On Sundays I have a strange tradition of watching Roseanne re-runs. There is a channel that runs them most of the day. It is one of my favorite shows from growing up. It makes me laugh. : )

Since Dan was gone, I decided to so some scrapbooking videos for You Tube. I try to do this when he is on the road as his office is next door and I don't want to bother him while he is working. I did a couple videos for some scrapbooking challenges I am now doing on the channel and my facebook page.

Keaton practiced her flute today...Sunday is usually the day she does that. She sounds really good. I wish I had taken a photo, but I wanted to note that.

After lunch, the girls and I spent some time outside. It was so incredibly gorgeous today. I cuddled with Orangie on the hammock, and then Mally took my place. Keaton and I hung out on the deck for a bit...she read while I watched some scrapbooking videos. So nice and relaxing. Yes, Mally is still in her jammies. The great thing about living in the country...: )

For supper, we had corn dogs and macaroni and cheese. Apparently, still on the summer food schedule, ha ha).

After supper, spent some more time in the scrap room, watched more West Wing.

We have an earlier bedtime with school tomorrow, so it was not long after supper that the girl needed their baths and got ready for bed. Mallory read Ramona to me while I brushed her hair and then we chatted for a while. She is the best conversationalist.

I then hopped down to say goodnight to Keaton. She loves wearing her robe. She looks so cute in it.

She was watching some painting You Tube videos. She gets really excited about learning new things.

And now...I am watching Bachelor in Paradise and am typing this up. It is always weird when Dan is gone overnight...and this time he is gone until Wednesday. : ( I am looking forward to book club in the morning, I don't see my friends as often in the summer so it is always fun to get back into our regular swing of things.

And this brings an end to my "Week in the Life." It has been fun and I am looking forward to putting the album together.

So thankful for my life. Not perfect. Not always pretty. But amazing and true and mine.


A Week In The Life: Day 6

Today is Saturday.

Today, Mallory woke up early and came and cuddled with me a bit before I had to get up and ready to go into work. Thankfully, I did not have to be in until 9. Cassy opened, so no 4:30am awakening for me today. I love how she loves Annie. Annie is loving the attention. : )

I get up and ready. Wearing the glasses today to give the eyes a break from the contacts.

On the road...

Got to work and was busy until closing at 1. We had a great day, both in coffee sales and retail sales. I love my job.

Although I did have one mishap that involved getting a frozen mocha ALL over me. I dropped a bottle of caramel sauce and it plopped right into the cup. All over. Down my shirt, in my hair, all over the counter. And I had a line. Grrr... You can see the remnants on my clothing...

After I got closed up, I hopped next door to the grocery store to get some cat food. I love that Thramers is so close, I hop over there all the time to get items for the coffee shop. So handy. It is a family owned grocery store and they are really nice people. Love to support them as much as possible.

Got home and very quickly got out of my mocha stained clothes and into some comfy clothes.

I had to take a photo of this cute bag my new contact lenses came in. It's about the little things sometimes. : )

It did not take me long to get into the hammock. : ) I try to take advantage of it when I can...before I know it we will have 6 inches of snow on the ground.

After I rested, walked in to see Mally (yes, still in her pajamas, lol) making herself a buttered tortilla. Love it.

I did some dishes then ate a late lunch (leftover pizza) while catching up on computer stuff.

I decided to do some picking up around the house. I started with the basement family room. My kids are so bad about putting movies and wii games back in their I sat down to organize that.

I added a couple shots of the room from some different angles to show how it is open to my scrapbook room. Love that I can scrap and still be hanging out with the fam.

Checked in on the girls. Keaton was doing some drawing on the computer and Mallory was painting on her tablet. She loves mermaids right now. And bows and arrows. We got the one laying next to her when we were in Wisconsin.

I headed upstairs, thinking I wanted to read. I looked for a new book, then decided I was in the scrapping mode instead. I have a nook in our living room that serves as a library/coffee area. I also store my oils in this area as well. And my most current/in progress scrapbooks.

As we come into evening, we get put into a tornado watch. Thankfully, it all puttered out before we got anything at all. Dan went outside and mowed and I started to scrapbook.

Dan made us some breakfast for dinner, which was super yummy, and then back to scrapbooking for the evening while watching West Wing on Netflix (and all time favorite show of mine).

Keaton (as usual) hung out in her room and Mally got excited about a few things...she found a cool Minecraft app, and then she found videos on Youtube on how to make magic solution to have 'Frozen' Powers. So, she made it and put it in the fridge. : ) I love this girl and her imagination. It reminds me of Keaton at this age too... (by the way, she was sad it didn't work, but she is now determined to try to make fairy dust, lol).

I promised Mally she could sleep with me, so we went up to our bedroom and we cuddled. Dan slept on the couch, which worked well since he had to get up early to get on the road.

I love Saturdays. Especially when there is no where to go. We are definitely a family that loves to chill.

On to Sunday!